Slot car racing might be an unfamiliar term to most individuals not accustomed to the world of racing. Slot car racing is the activity of racing miniature automobiles within the grooves of a track. The slot cars themselves are actually modelled after real life automobiles. A slot car racing was most popular during the 1960s and the fad lost its drive during the 1970s. Vintage slot cars are derived from these golden eras of racing. Vintage slot cars are grouped by the fact that they were pre 1970s unlike the modern slot cars.. Vintage slot cars are not modelled after the modern day auto mobiles as it is rooted in the nostalgic genre of slot car racing.


The idea of vintage slot cars is to produce the cars from the materials of the slot cars made for racing in that sixties. The scales of these vintage slot cars are related to the size of the course on which they would race it. Some vintage slot cars are 24 times smaller than the actual vehicles and were therefore quite large, the course required for these cars are not suitable for home enthusiasts as they can be too big. There are smaller vintage slot cars though; theses miniature models were a ratio of 1:32. HO sized vintage slot cars. HO sized cars have variations in their ratio as compared to the actual automobiles ranging from 1:87 to 1:64, despite that they all can function on a track of approximately the same width.


There is high competition between the manufactures of vintage slot cars. There is high promotion of this brand of cars that were famous during the "golden age" of slot car racing. These brands range from those based in the United Kingdom such as Airfix. While Revell is a home grown U.S based company, Scaletrix though is a worldwide organization. Indeed vintage slot cars seem to be a lucrative business when one sees the amount of manufacturers out in the market. Even in the state of Kansas a proposed plan for a casino by a company named Global gaming has the intention of having vintage slot cars race on a circuit run by the casino.


Vintage slot cars are attractive and are also a collector's item, which makes it quite expensive to purchase especially with the current financial climate. However there is the fact that vintage slot cars are considered prized possessions especially from those looking back to the good old days. It marks a time of simple pleasure with no graphics, where the top racers would place their cars in fishing tackle boxes. Vintage slot cars remind us of a time when the world was bereft of major problems and it was indeed a vintage time.