Scx slot cars are simply one of the best toys in the world. On its more serious side it is one of the most rewarding and intensely competitive hobbies you will ever see. Simply said scx slot cars are miniature automobiles or any other vehicle that is guided by a groove on a track that it runs on. A small pin or blade extends from the car into the track. These scx slot cars are so useful city planners even use much larger models when building replicas of urban traffic patterns. But the real draw for scx slot cars is in fact the hobby of competitive slot car racing.


These scx slot cars are modeled after actual automobiles. Even though this is the general case you do find some scx slot cars that have a design specifically for racing only. Most often slot car enthusiasts will use commercially available scx slot cars but will modify the internal components to make a better car. You also find scx slot cars now with all kinds of technology and digital gadgetry and paraphernalia added. The driver of the slot car generally uses a controller held in the hand to regulate a low voltage electric motor that is hidden in the car. Rationally each car will run on its own groove on the track.


Recent developments in digital technology have allowed several scx slot cars to run on a single track as well. The challenge in running scx slot cars is really running the curves at super high speed while making sure that the scx slot cars don't lose grip on the track and spin sideways or even fly off the track which is known as deslotting. Many scx slot cars enthusiasts will in fact try and build their tracks for racing. Making sure there are almost no scenery and not obstructions to seeing the action. But there are those hobbyists that treat scx slot cars like mode railroads and make extravagant and elaborate sets around their tracks with scenery, building and all sorts of gorgeous stuff.


scx slot cars come in a few standard scales. You have the 1:241 scales which are simply where 1 unit length on the scx slot cars is equal to 24 units on the actual car. 1:24 tracks are actually quite large when you see them. These scx slot cars are highly impractical for home usage. The track alone will be quite massive and it will generally be too much for a home enthusiast to handle. These are used for serious racing on commercial or club tracks. 1:32 scale cars are smaller and are much more advisable for home usage. These scx slot cars are also widely used as racecars especially in Europe.