A Slot car is a miniature car powered car or automobile which is directed by a groove or otherwise known as a slot in the track in which it runs. A blade or a pin extends it self from the bottom of the car in order to make the slot car run its course. Slot cars are used to model highways and scenic operations such as in town planning etc; the greater majority of slot cars are used as a competitive hobby known as slot car racing.


Slot cars are usually modeled after authentic automobiles, most people in to slot car racing buy the commercially manufactured slot cars especially designed for a better performance. Some are known to "scratch build" that is to create their own slot car by creating their self manufactured mechanisms and body parts from materials available.


There are many scales to the slot car, 1 32 slot car is somewhat smaller and are generally more suited and preferred for home use in home sized race courses. 1 32 size is also generally the traditional or the standard size for miniature sized cars in the industry. A man would be approximately 2-1/4 inches tall in comparison with a 1 32 slot car scale. There are also many a 1 32 slot cars in clubs and hobby shops where they use as a competitive hobby for slot car enthusiasts.


There are a number of 1 32 slot cars manufactures from big time companies to small scale companies, most slot car companies are foreign companies with only a small range produced in the United States. Artin is a Hong Kong based manufacturer who has sales up to two million 1 32 slot cars sales annually , however the make is not taken too judiciously by slot car enthusiast as the best brand out there. The level of quality that the most slot car enthusiast are looking for are some what lacking in Artin.


Spain is a great producer of slot car companies from Bum slot, a company based in Barcelona that offers a great number of 1 32 slot cars ranging from French classics such as Renault Alpine, to Autoart that released the Subaru Impreza WRC in 2002 as its maiden slot car to Catrix, a relatively young company that has released models 1 32 slot cars such as Hyundai Accent, BMW Z - 3, and the Porsche Boxster.


Carrera, a German based 1 32 slot car manufacturer is the oldest in the trade and their reputation for quality stands high. The German company has had its share of visscititudes, however it has come back strongly, it is extremely popular in the United Sates and they are now in the process of creating American vintage classics, to cater to their ever growing consumer popularity in the U.S.