If you have decided to upgrade your current sound system in your vehicle, then you really need to think about whether or not you would be interested in buying the equipment necessary for and subscribing to either XM or Sirius Satellite Radio services. They both offer their customers an awesome lineup of programming to choose from, without those annoying commercials. You need to remember that you do need specialized equipment, designed just for them to take advantage of all they both have to offer. Making this choice beforehand will make choosing that sound system easier.


You will not be disappointed with your choice, whichever one you choose as they both have programming and gadgets that are bound to appeal to just about anyone. When it comes to both music radio and talk radio; the competition amongst these two makes for some very interesting programming. Talk radio enthusiasts will want to subscribe to one of these two just for the treasure chest that can be found among the talk radio programming. By providing the wide variety of programming that they offer, these two satellite radio powerhouses have made to clear that satellite radio is not just a ‘flash in the pan’ and is the next wave in radio.


Often it has been said that, although XM Satellite Radio has more subscribers currently, that Sirius is very quickly catching up. It has been recently stated that Sirius has nearly the same number of subscribers (over 3.5 million) as XM Satellite Radio (over 4 million) does. Having checked out each provider’s program lineup, and not seeing that much of a difference between them, I cannot really tell you what would lead one person to choose XM and another to choose Sirius. If you are thinking about going with either one your best bet is to check out both websites to see the programming lineups and the channel selections each has; as well as what each charges per month for service.


The one thing that can truly be said is that XM Satellite Radio has the better gadgets and packages that it offers, which is why most people are surprised that Sirius is catching on so fast. Some of XM’s satellite radio receivers also have GPS and navigation capabilities and controls. Some of them can even play CDs, MP3s and DVDs.


Do not, for a second, think that Sirius has nothing to offer; because it most assuredly does have an excellent lineup to offer. As far as competition goes… there is none out there for these two giants! There is only one main difference between these two; and that is the gadgets that each offers. If you were to look up the monthly subscription rates of each you would find that they are very close.


The only major difference I have seen is that Sirius has a lifetime membership that pretty much mirrors XM Satellite Radio’s 5 year plan. You need to be aware that the ‘lifetime’ in lifetime membership refers to the radio receiver, not the subscriber!


Choosing to go with satellite radio does not mean that you will not need to upgrade your current sound system. It merely means that you need to add this to your list of requirements. Both companies provide their customers with a wide variety of gadgets to choose from. This could give you a major headache trying to choose! Once the federal government approves the merger of XM and Sirius Satellite Radio, all of this will become a moot point!


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If you are thinking of installing that brand new sound system yourself, you might want to think again. You really do not know what damage you can do your those delicate components or to yourself for that matter! This is why there are professional installers who have been specifically trained in how to do this work safely. Do you really think that they could charge the fees they charge if this type of work was not in such demand as well as a specialty in and of itself? Of course not! If you really do not know what you are doing, then please leave this stuff to the professionals.


A friend wanted to install a CD player in his minivan about 13 years back, when sound systems like this were still very new and about as state-of-the-art as you could get at the time and were not as commonly seen as they are today. He commuted 3 hours down and back to his destination and spent a good bit of that time among cornfields that didn’t provide any radio signal to listen to the radio and thus decided to buy a new CD player. The his father then proceeded to install this new minivan stereo for him, but ran into a few problems that can happen if you do not know what you are doing. They realized very soon that the minivan’s horn did not work any more and that the headlights needed to be on in order to have the stereo on. This also happened to be before the current trend of daytime running lights on nearly all vehicles.


Have you finished laughing at this yet? Once you finally stop laughing you probably will see the sense of letting a professional installer handle these matters. The his father was by no means unskilled in technological and electronic matters, it is a simple matter of those components being so very delicate and complicated that you really need to do more than read the directions to properly install this equipment.


You have probably heard many, many horror stories about installations gone horribly wrong due to the fact that someone really did not know what they were doing and/or did not have the proper tools they needed to do the job correctly and safely. Most of these involved stereos or sound systems that were mounted in-dash. There are so many wires back there (in the dashboard) that control nearly everything in your vehicle. If you mess around with them when you do not know what you are doing, then you will end up having to pay for some more expensive repairs to correct what you have messed up because you had to do this yourself. Some of you might not think that the radio or sound system is all that important, for others (who commute long distances or drive most of the time during their workdays) it is a very, very important part of their daily routines. Have you ever thought about how important it is for a trucker to be able to know ahead of time what is ahead on the roads; be it traffic accidents or bad weather?


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