One of the more important aspects when it comes to detailing a car involves the automobile’s paint job. The mere paint color alone chosen to be applied on a car can already have a very big effect on the overall aesthetics of the car, so it is important that you can do it the right way once you do decide to paint your car. If you do not have a clue as to what you need to do in order to ensure that you will do a good job at painting your car, then simply follow these simple rules.

Use a Spray Gun

One of the most basic rules when it comes to painting your car is that you should use a spray gun to apply the paint on your car’s different surfaces. Spray guns can be a great tool for you to have, especially if you plan on painting your car on your own, as spray guns are relatively easy to handle and control. They also limit the amount of clean up that you need to do after you are done painting your car, as well as ensure that you are able to use every bit of paint that is in the can, allowing you to avoid unnecessary expenses. There are actually a number of different types of spray guns that you can choose from, each one offering you a different use and function, all depending on what you intend to do with your car’s finish and paint job.

Handle Your Spray Guns with Care

Though using spray guns to paint your car is fairly easy to manage, you need to ensure that you handle the spray guns themselves properly. Keep in mind that these are very precise pieces of equipment, so you need to avoid compromising them in order to be able to get the desired effect. You may need to learn how to disassemble a spray gun, and learn how to put them back together again in order to ensure that all its small parts are clean and intact. Avoid forcing these parts together as it could ruin the spray gun.

Sand Finish

Before actually applying the paint, you need to make sure that you remove any imperfections that your car’s finish may have, as well as remove the original paint job that is on your car’s surface. This is important because simply slapping a new paint job on your car without removing any imperfection that might be on your car’s surface right now will not hide these imperfections and flaws, but would rather make them more visible later on once the paint job has dried. Make sure that you buy an orbital sander that is of very good quality for the job, as this will ensure that you exert less effort and will cost you less when removing all of your car’s imperfections.

D-I-Y or Professional Help?

If a paint job seems to big or too difficult for you, then it might be a good idea to simply leave it to the professionals. You just might end up spending much more than you need to, especially if you attempt to fix the problem yourself, and not do a good job at it. If the paint job is something that you can handle, then you can probably opt to do it yourself. It is ultimately your choice.


Keeping Safe

Most people think that detailing a car is not dangerous to them; however there are ways to get harmed. Prior to cleaning the car interior, park the shade for minutes enough to cool inside. The heat from the sun can make the car dangerously hot. Doors must all remain open when using the cleaning supplies to avoid dangerous fumes building up during hot weather. When cleaning the engine, make it to the point the car is off before using a towel anywhere since moving belt can grab the cloth including your hand resulting to injury. After covering the electric components, don’t start the car immediately, wait for few moments.

Going Green

Car owners and car detailers are aware of the time and effort needed to change dirty cars into clean and good-smelling ones. Vehicle detailing involves cleaning surfaces like exteriors, glass, engines, tires and carpets. All these surfaces have distinct cleaning requirements that use variety of chemicals. This is the reason why car detailing experts are well equipped with different car chemical products. Hence, most commercial cleaning materials can result to adverse health reactions if not used properly adding to the environmental pollution. This is also why car detailing businesses have resorted to green chemicals.

Green, cleaning chemicals came from plants and are biodegradable, non-toxic and safe to use. But, do not expect that these natural chemicals are light and inefficient when it comes to cleaning use. Aside from being plant-based, green cleaning chemicals give outstanding cleaning results while staying light on car surfaces. These chemicals also offer surprising cleaning strength because of its advanced components. Natural cleaners have nano-based molecules that are able to go break the molecules causing dirt and grease.

Here are categories of natural cleaners by leading distributors that can do no harm to your car and to yourself:

Glass Cleaners

The powerful, natural green glass cleaners efficiently dissolve tough dirt on glass surfaces without causing damage. Green glass cleaners leave a great finish that guarantees most favourable visibility.

Car Wash Chemicals

Green chemicals are formulated to get rid of the toughest dirt and grease on exterior surfaces. There are distinct versions available for trucks and cars. These chemicals can be used in concentrated or diluted form.

Tire Shine Solutions

Tires sometimes are accumulated with mud and other deposits along the way. Natural tire shines makes your tires glossy, protected and clean for a long time.


Car interiors absorb odors and begin to smell mouldy soon after a cleaning time. Commercial deodorizers only mask odors temporarily and don’t eliminate them. Green deodorizers, on the other hand, target the source of odors and eliminate organic deposits so you can’t smell the odor any longer.


Aside from safety techniques before, during and after cleaning the car to prevent hazards, there are available chemicals that will also help you prevent damage to the environment, to the vehicle and to yourself. It is best to purchase some of the chemicals to ensure safety while following also the strategies provided by car experts to avoid injuries. Don’t worry because the price suits your budget.