No auto detailing job is ever complete without taking care of your car's metal trim. This is especially important for those who want to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of their vehicle. Below, you will find a comprehensive guide into detailing these often neglected components of your vehicle.

Cleaning the Trim

In addition to the regular washing and maintenance that you perform on your vehicle's metal and trim, you need proper detailing to ensure that you can preserve and protect its natural shine. You can use a car wash shampoo to throughly clean it combined with a powerful scrubbing action from an old toothbrush or other soft detailing brush. Avoid using stiff bristle brush if you do not want to catch scratches or damage on the black trim.

You can also apply a protectant on a regular basis, such as 6 to 8 times in a year. Whatever brand of protectant you choose to buy, make sure it is equipped with UV protection to avoid effects of sun fading. Since maintaining a black trim can be quite difficult, you need to be patient and dedicate yourself to ensuring your car is in top shape.

Detailing Moldings and Rubber Seals

You can find moldings and rubber seals around various areas of your vehicle such as the doors, windows, hood, bumpers, trunk, among other places. If you neglect caring for them, then they will become brittle and start to soften up making them vulnerable to cracks and tears. There are three common elements from which you need to protect your rubber seals and moldings from: wind, water, and dirt.

Make sure you clean them out at least twice in a year. Use a water-based rubber and vinyl dressing then leave them for 10-15 minutes to allow enough time for them to fully penetrate into the material. When it dries, you can protect such parts from cracking or tearing caused by friction and exposure to various elements.

Maintaining Car Badges

The badges is very important for displaying the manufacturer name for your specific vehicle. If you have invested on a luxury car, then you want to display that with utmost pride and ensure it is well detailed. You can simply use soapy water and soft bristle toothbrush to thoroughly clean out your car badges. If there is a presence of dirt, then opt for the more powerful cleaning solutions and make sure it is thoroughly rinsed off to avoid residues that could damage it. For additional protection, you can apply wax sealant or coating.

Polishing Metal and Chrome

These aspects of detailing your car's metal and trim are all designed as finishing touches to enhance your vehicle's overall appearance. Car fanatics will especially be pleased with the bright and shiny appearance of their vehicle if you can perform this aspect of the detailing quite well.

However, this task can be quite a challenge. So make sure you have the tools you need for the job. Chrome is a lot easier to deal with in terms of polishing although it is most vulnerable to rust. Hence, you must opt for the higher quality chrome plating to ensure it is protected against rust. If you fail to do that, then you can either opt to polish or rechrome.

For any of the above detailing jobs on your car's black trim and metal, the key information to keep in mind would be to choose the right cleaning materials and follow instructions for an effective maintenance procedure. After all, maintenance is much easier to keep your vehicle in tip top shape as compared to restoring it.