What most drivers do not realize is the importance of a brake rotor. A brake rotor, also known as brake disc, is the contact point of the brake pad. These circular discs are what convert the automobile’s kinetic energy into thermal energy through the effect of friction. Therefore heat is a concern when devising and consuming brake components. Heat dissipation is solved by the use of ventilation (slots) or cross drilling on some brake rotors. As a result of continued effects of pressure, heat and dust particles such components become warped, faded or cracked in time. As such, the brake pad will be unable to grip the rotor ensuing in a decreased braking ability. A vibrating steering wheel when applying brakes is a clear indication that the brake rotors have wasted away to its lowest possible degree of thickness. This means it is time to change the brake rotor.


For the last 50 years Zimmerman has been distributing brake and engine parts to popular car manufacturers. Zimmerman production includes over 1000 various brake rotors which are exported and distributed by trade wholesalers to almost 60 countries.


Zimmerman brake rotors are popular for their unique design, aspect related precision and superior materials. The company has kept to the OE brake blueprint and also presents the Coat Z rotors, which prevent rust formation at the centre and the peripheral diameter of the rotor by a zinc-coating and guarantee an enhanced, reliable and eye-catching look of the rotor once installed. Zimmerman cross drilled rotors are also accessible for certain uses.


Zimmerman has been conducting inertia dynamometer trials and driving trials on a constant fashion. Of all the brake rotors that went on trial, low grade products were found to fade and crack much sooner. The Zimmerman brake rotors and original manufactured goods thus have a radically longer durability. The thermo-mechanical distortion of the Zimmerman brake rotors are the same as the original brake rotor. The low grade products fall substantially below this level in regard to almost all the standards measured. All Zimmerman brake rotors are produced in Germany in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. Zimmerman intends to provide vehicle owners with top quality goods at all times.


Zimmerman brake rotors are firm and constructed to endure friction damage longer than low grade factory brakes, even with extreme brake use like racing, heavy duty hauling and uphill trucking. Factory brakes can disintegrate fast, especially under heavy braking applications. By upgrading to top quality Zimmerman brake rotors, the brake power will be long lasting. As a matter of fact, Zimmerman brake rotors substantially increases braking power, even when taking tight turns and on uphill climbing.


Finally, Zimmerman brake rotor designs are a result of countless trials conducted on all brake rotors available out there. This increases rotor endurance and guarantees long lasting efficiency.


The brake system is the most important part of your vehicle; this helps your vehicle to perform well. A good brake system will help your vehicle work to its optimum even under harsh conditions. Brakes consist of two types; slotted brake rotors and drilled rotors. Slotted brake rotors help or puts in increased power especially if you are in need of increased power for your vehicle. This is the reason to why you find slotted brake rotors in racing cars. Furthermore slotted brake rotors have a built in system which cools the braking surface which is essential to the increasing performance.


Slotted brake rotors perform even in wet weather conditions; the braking system allows water to pass through the holes more freely. Slotted brake rotors prevent any loss of braking power that is deemed if water gets logged on the brakes. This performs the best when under wet conditions. This type of brakes is designed in a way that gives the vehicle a tough look.


Slotted brake rotors use slots which are carved into the flat metal surface which helps to move gas, heat and water from the surface of the rotors. In comparison to drilled brake rotors which have faded away in performance and prone to cracks. Drilled brake rotors are not intended for hard core driving purposes. On the other hand, slotted brake rotors are a wise choice for car drivers and also they tend to be more durable than drilled brake rotors.


This does not mean that slotted brake rotors are perfect. Instead they too tend to wear off quickly. Since slotted brake motors are known to keep away fluids when compared to other types of brake motors, their efficiency is quite high. However slotted brake rotors require care and maintenance to make sure that they are in good working conditions. You need to at least take regular checkups in comparison to that of brake pads. Due to the maintenance of slotted brake rotors you are likely to incur expenses.


Slotted brakes rotors are quite popular with people not just because of its quality rather its characteristics. Before choosing a certain type of brake rotor, it’s wiser to look at the various options that are available to you. This will not only save you money but also time. You could also speak to your local stores which may be able to give some advice as to which type of brake motor suits your vehicle well. The type of brake system should enable or increase your vehicle’s capacity to perform. Furthermore whether you choose the drilled brake rotor or the slotted brake system depends on the type of vehicle that you own. The advantage of choosing slotted brake rotor is that it’s faster, durable and noise free.