You will come across two types of brake rotors in the market; drilled and slotted. Drilled brake rotors come with holes drilled in brake parts. For some this may sound a bit strange but the truth is that is the way it comes in. The reason for having drilled brake rotors is that it allows heat to escape instead of trapping it. Since the brake pad works with the help of the rotor, it’s bound to create heat which gets trapped. This reduces the power of the brakes to stop. Another reason for having drilled brake rotors is that gas that gets built up. This however may not be seen in newer cars but is quite common in old cars. The materials that are being used inside the older brake pads allow gas to accumulate between the rotors and the pad. This to a certain extent reduces the brake power.


Water is another element that prohibits the level of speed of a brake rotor. In case a car drives through a puddle of water, rain storm or a car wash it gets affected immensely. A wet brake can cause a lot of damage to the vehicle and its systems plus the driver. The advantage of having drilled brake rotors is that it prevents loss of brake power and to maintain the brake rotors efficiency. Furthermore, a greater advantage of having drilled brake rotor is that it allows heat, gas and water to be moved from the rotor fast and increase its performance.


Another advantage of drilled brake rotors is that it’s lighter in weight and they reduce the weight of the vehicle. Using a drilled brake rotor is that it creates a sporty look and they were originally generated for using it on racing cars. The major effect of drilled brake rotors is that it cools the car’s system, which means that you can stop your car quicker.


Apart from the advantages of drilled brake rotors, the disadvantage is that the drilled holes tend to weaken the performance of your vehicle. Even worse, sometimes this could cause a crack in the system.


Before choosing between slotted or drilled brake rotors, you need to consider the capacity of your vehicle, the purpose that it’s being used and your safety. In comparison to other types of rotors, drilled brake rotors keeps the trucks or vehicles in a more balanced position. The drilled brake rotors reduce the friction caused by heat to a larger extent. Drilled brake rotors are popular for their lifelong performance and inevitable continuous power.


It’s advisable to always assess your vehicle before choosing a particular type of rotor. Drilled brake rotors are good for the money spent and will also act as a safety precautionary measure.