A brake rotor or a disc brake refers to the metal disk that brake pads squeeze in order to bring the vehicle to a halt. Cross drilled brake rotors are used when there is a need to reduce brake fade. To understand what this means we need to look at how these operate. When braking, the act of braking results in the creation of gasses. When using cross drilled brake rotors it enables these gasses to escape with ease, and thereby increases the level of contact pressure. However it is important to note that cross drilled brake rotors are best suited for competitive situations.


The reason why cross drilled brake rotors are not recommended for non-competitive situations is the fact that such use causes increased likelihood of the devices cracking under pressure. It is especially important not to cross drill the rotors by yourself as this could prove quite risky when driving the vehicle. Unless purchasing them from a reputed manufacturer the act of drilling must always be done with an NC machine using calculated positions. It must also be ensured that this is done after relieving stress. However as mentioned earlier it is best that the use of cross drilled brake rotors are limited to competitive situations. This is because the use of cross drilled brake rotors, while improving braking in competitive situations, only gives a marginal benefit in non competitive use.


On the other hand cross drilled brake rotors, as noted earlier, offer reduced levels of brake fade. The use of cross drilled brake rotors also enable easier or improved rotor cooling, which further enhances the level of brake fade. In fact the use of cross drilled brake rotors could provide you with reduction of temperature by about 200 degrees when engaging in extreme braking. The extent of reduced temperature will however depend on the type, brand and structure of the cross drilled brake rotors you use.


While it is known that the use of cross drilled brake rotors enhances the look of your drive and braking, especially in conditions requiring extreme braking it is still advisable to consult a few people with a better understanding of how these work, especially if you are a novice and unsure of its effects, risks and benefits.


It is also advisable to make sure what you get is in sync with the vehicle’s initial rotor’s dimensions. They must also be compatible with the vehicle’s hubs, brake callipers as well as the road wheels. Most brands available out there provide these in designs that enable you to match them to the appearance of the vehicle. Finally as an option to cross drilled brake rotors, you may also want to look at and understand the workings of slotted or grooved rotors to get that exact performance you seek for your vehicle.