Most vehicle owners are, sadly, only too familiar with the screeching sound that intense pressure on brakes bring about. Brake pads and adequate lubricant in terms of brake oil are not the only constituents of a good braking system, but front brake rotors too merit considerable attention in this regard.


Front brake rotors is that which causes the front wheels to slow down or come to a halt once sufficient pressure is applied onto the brake pads. To elaborate further, friction thus caused converts motion to heat, which makes the vehicle reduce speed or stop in its tracks, as the case maybe.


Most brake rotors, including front brake rotors, are now generally made of cast iron. The reasons for this are manifold. Firstly, it is strong and reasonably resistant to wear and tear whilst being cost effective in comparison to other metals such as aluminum or steel. Cast iron also dissipates heat effectively and helps cool the brakes fast, which is indeed an essential feature in a good braking system.


Brake rotors can be solid, but generally as a rule of thumb, front brake rotors are vented. This is mainly due to the fact that vented rotors which have fins promote cooling more efficiently. The ribs of front brake rotors too, come in many forms. For instance, some are straight, others more curved and yet others may even be segmented at times.


Sometimes debris from the roads, overheating and constant use of the brakes (popularly referred to as “brake fade”) can cause the front brake rotors to warp, or decrease in functionality. It is at such times that brake rotors need to be replaced. Manuals and step-by step instructions provide the necessary guidance to re-install front brake rotors, and even a quick search on the internet will provide much information in this regard, to all do-it yourself enthusiasts. Yet others, who prefer to engage the services of a professional mechanic, should go to a reliable garage, and thus get their front brake rotors replaced if the need to do so arises.


When front brake rotors need to be replaced, the cost of obtaining new rotors is a factor that most vehicle owners understandably ponder over. However, this is one instance where quality should not be compromised, as it can otherwise lead to life threatening situations. Due to this, many turn to the original dealer to obtain front brake rotors, but this may not always be necessary. A professional, experienced mechanic should ideally provide guidance in this regard, and help the vehicle owner obtain high quality, reliable replacements, at an affordable cost.


As is amply demonstrated, front brake rotors are essential to the functioning of any road-worthy vehicle. So, it is always advisable to check the brakes and all its constituent parts, to ensure these are in good working order, prior to putting any car on the road. After all, as the time renowned adage states, it is always better to be safe than sorry.