EBC brake rotors are made by the EBC Brakes group which is a legendary name among automotive parts enthusiasts and manufacturers. Founded in 1978, the EBC brakes group is the largest and world leader in brake pad manufacturing. Their EBC brake rotors are sold worldwide and for almost every type of vehicle in existence. EBC brake rotors product line for automobiles come in five different compounds. Each type of EBC brake rotors has a specific characteristic that sets it apart as the best of its kind. The complete range has brake rotors for every kind of car from small bikes to super fast street racers.


The Ultimax series is EBC brake rotors of the highest quality and original equipment. Ultimax EBC brake rotors are the pinnacle of their line. These brake rotors come with a new friction material which is said to completely eliminate brake judders and also create a high friction brake pad. Each and every Ultimax EBC brake rotors come with a center line slot that prevents major damage due to heat expansion, as well as reduces the noise caused by the brakes in addition to the noise reduction shims. A unique powder coat gives the EBC brake rotors a higher resistance to corrosion and moisture.


EBC brake rotors also come in a line known as the Red Stuff compound. This line of EBC brake rotors are made up of ceramic street pads that are intended for completely dust free operation of the brake rotors. These EBC brake rotors also come with a long life, as well as a wide heat range of successful performance. Admittedly it will be harder to break them in since the material is so strong. But if you are looking to upgrade from the factory rotors these are the brake rotors for you.


The next line of EBC brake rotors is the Yellow stuff compound line. These are the ideal EBC brake rotors for all you ‘Fast and Furious’ people and ones with a Need for Speed. Yellow Stuff Compound EBC brake rotors are designed especially for serious street use and for occasional track use. This roughly translates to EBC brake rotors for street racing. These EBC brake rotors are based on Kevlar. The Yellow Stuff Compound EBC brake rotors are excellent in sudden hot and cold performances. They adapt well to temperature changes. However because of its Kevlar base it has comparatively excessive dusting against the ceramic based pads.


The next line in the EBC brake rotors series is the Green Stuff Compounds. These are made for heavier faster street cars, trucks and SUVs. These brake rotors come in three different components for each type of vehicle and application it was meant for. These brake rotors have medium dusting and life length. They are good at hot and cold braking. This makes them a worthy upgrade from the factory issue rotors.


The final unreleased EBC brake rotors line is the Blue stuff compound. Meant for racing only they are to be used on touring cars and road racers.