The definition of a brake rotor could be termed as follows; this is the part that is found within the wheels of a vehicle which works with the brake pads to create a rotation of the wheel and also to bring the vehicle to a stop. You will come across various types of metals being used in manufacturing these brake rotors and not to mention the designs. Some brake rotors are made of heavy iron whilst others are made out a lighter element of iron.


Brake rotors are commonly made of two types; drilled brake rotors and slotted brake rotor. Drilled brake rotor is often used in racing vehicles. This allows gas to escape, therefore preventing a friction between the wheels. Since cross drilled are prone to cracks, they are not often found in newer cars. However drilled brake rotors can be found in motor cycles and mountain bikes.


Slotted brake rotors consist of slots which are carved onto the metal surface of the wheel. This allows gas, heat and water to move from the surface of the rotors. Slotted brake rotors are commonly used by performance car drivers as this creates a friction on the brakes. As mentioned above, drilled brake rotors are more prone to cracking, and more have started to use slotted brake rotor. Slotted brake rotor is durable when compared to drilled brake rotors.


Slotted brake rotors have an increased stopping power which means that you car stops much quicker than other types of brake rotors. Slotted brake motors are convenient and prone to all types of weather conditions. You do not have to spend much time trying to repair the brakes if your vehicle has got slotted brake rotors. Slotted brake rotor also prohibits loss of braking power, so your vehicle is not prone to any condition. Slotted brake rotor also creates a tougher look for vehicle.

Before upgrading the performance of your vehicle, it’s wiser to seek advice from a mechanic. The mechanic will be in a position to recommend whether your vehicle would be suitable with a slotted brake rotor or a drilled brake rotor. Slotted brake rotors are much faster, lighter and cause less noise pollution. Slotted brake rotor is used to control high degree of racing. Apart from the advantages, the disadvantage of using slotted brake rotor is that the brake pads to wear away over a period of time.


Slotted brake rotors provide safety and decrease the stress on the brake pads, which is not usually found in other types of brake rotors. Slotted brake rotors are quite efficient as they eliminate any elements which cause fatigue for the brake system. However the type of braking system differs between different vehicles. As such, some vehicles may not require slotted brake rotor.