Thinking about getting a new color for your auto? You have to know more about paint and colors to distinguish which tone will best suit your lifestyle and personal preference. There are several service providers as well that will offer you a variety of styles and other designs depending on which look you wish to carry. Here are some more tips and info.

Getting the Paint

First of all, you need to choose the right tone for your car. You might want to read more about the different colors and what the statistics are. For example, red cars are known to be involved in more accidents than any other color based on studies. If you live in a warm weather country, it might be better to show off your bright colors like bright yellow, bright red or super white. Your lifestyle may also require you to get certain colors. Those who belong in the corporate world usually go for more subtle tones like navy blue, gray or black.

You can order paint from your local dealers or get it online. There are a number of web sites that specifically cater to car paint and will send your order immediately to your doorstep in just a few days after you order and pay.

Planning Tips

If you plan to repaint your car, you have to consider whether you're going for 100% repaint or just repaint a few panels. Auto detailers will provide you with special discounts if you choose to redo the entire vehicle. Metal conditioner on bare metal is ideal because the metal is etched to get rid of microscopic corrosion and rust. The shop will also use self-etching primer to keep it from corroding.

You should also ensure that the body shop does not apply lacquer putties and other primers that are fast dry and lacquer-based. These are usually used to fix imperfections and other body scratches. The products in the long run will shrink immediately after the car paint job is finished. Good quality products will fill scratches without shrinking and will present better durability and adherence.

More Repainting Details

If welding is done just before the car paint job, special weld-through primers should be used and applied just before the pieces are welded. The benefits will include added durability and better adherence. The finishing coat is important for a successful paintjob. There are now new available technologies in the market that lead to better finish. Lacquers and enamels usually have inadequate adherence and durability. There are now 2-partpolyurethane paints that will match your vehicle for more rugged functions.

DIY or Go Pro?

You should consider your budget and skills if you're planning to do the repainting yourself. You will need several tools to get the job done as well. You can save a lot of time and effort by going to a pro or service provider. Do-it-yourself paint kit are also sold at different online sites to encourage car owners to do the job themselves. Talk to experienced car painters and ask for more tips.