Car detailing is usually left for the experts. However, if you want to save more and learn a lot about the process, it is important that you focus on the procedures and details. This way, you can constantly treat your car as necessary and keep it running very well in the next few years. Auto detailing is considered as an art form, so take time to indulge and check the different offers by service centers and other private autodetailers.

Exterior Focus

Auto detailing will focus on the exterior and interior aspects of the vehicle. Exterior detailing involves cleaning the whole outside of the car and making it a whole lot shinier. The paint, chrome trim, wheels, windows and tires are all treated to give it that special glow. Various auto detailers will need to use a variety of products like detail clay, wax, detergents, polishes and many cloths and applicators.

Interior Focus

The other focus is the interior detail which revolves around cleaning the seats, upholstery, dashboard and other inner features of the car. Vacuuming is always done, together with other procedures like brushing, liquid cleaning, steam cleaning, stain removal and upholstery treatment. A number of non-porous surfaces may also be polished. Some other detailers also provide engine detailing, wherein degreasers, high pressure water and steam are used to clean everything found under the hood of the car. Body work, mechanical repair, upholstery repair and painting are not included in auto detailing.

3 Main Factors

The three main components used in detailing the car's exterior are cleaning, protecting and correcting. Cleaning describes all activities that aims to remove the foreign surface particles from outer regions via the use of quick detailing and washing. Clay bars will help rid the exterior of dirt. This cannot usually be taken out by weekly washing.

Correcting describes the mechanical polishing done by hand or with the use of a machine. There are also special polishing pads that take out a thin layer of clearcoat from the vehicle to take out small scratches and paint swirls that may have appeared from improper washing or drying. Protecting describes the application of a special material like paste or liquids that will keep foreign material from sticking to the vehicle's surface like tar, bugs, splatter and dirt. Barriers are made from waxes and sealants against the elements.

Special Add-Ons

Detailing also involves adding materials and doing some tasks that will improve the overall condition and aura of the vehicle. You have to improve the fragrance, especially if there are leftover foods and other unwanted odors inside. Buy a good and effective air freshener and invest in sprays that will treat your mats and carpets to keep items from producing bad odors. You can also purchase some other items to help your car stay shiny and conditioned like sun visors, dashboard spray, upholstery spray and leather protectors. You should visit your local auto detailing store to see what your car really needs based on your lifestyle and location.