With technology changing and getting better faster than you can blink, people that are looking for good sound systems for their vehicles have been stunned by the array of sound system choices they are given. Today’s sound systems go way beyond the old AM/FM radios that our parents and grandparents had. Nowadays there are so many different components to mix and match that it might just give you a monster of a headache trying to sort it all out. The more components and special features you add to your sound system, the more expensive it will be. If you really think about it, you can really go overboard and end up spending a few thousand dollars for an elaborate sound system for your vehicle when all you might really need is a simpler system that is no more than $300. If you do not need all of the fancy stuff, then this is the wiser choice for you.


Having said that, let us continue. If you want to get a sound system that includes any of the following: a DVD player, a CD player, in-car GPS navigation systems and/or an MP3 player; then you want to be looking for a sound system that can handle any and all of these. You will have so much more enjoyment from this kind of set-up.


Prices will vary depending on what you include in your sound system. Let’s say that you have found the system you want, now your best bet is to do a little comparison shopping for the best possible deal you can find. Please remember that shipping costs need to be added if you are buying online or through mail order and then add installation costs. The more elaborate systems often require professional installation. If there is a local electronics or audio store that can match the lowest prices that you have and is willing to provide free installation, you might want to use them.


Here are three of the most commonly purchased sound systems that you can buy along with some prices.

1) Pioneer AVIC-N2 DVD with a GPS-enabled Navigation System. You can buy the system for anywhere from $750 to $1,200; however, this does not include installation. It allows you to play CDs, DVDs and MP3s and can get you where you need to go, without getting lost!

2) Alpine IVA-W200 has a DVD, CD plus MP3 Player. This sound system’s price ranges from $760 to slightly over $1,000. As its name suggests it has a both CD and DVD players as well as an MP3 player. It does not have GPS-enabled navigation though

3) Jensen VM9311TS has AM/FM stereo with CD player and a 7 inch LCD screen DVD player. This system ranges from $330 to $500 in price and might be the best overall system to get as it has all of these components: DVD, CD and MP3 players, WMA, iPod and XM Satellite Radio capabilities. The only thing it does not have is GPS-enabled navigation.


Hopefully this information has helped you in deciding which kind of auto sound system is to your liking. This might also give you the exact details you needed to be able to drop those not-so subtle hints to friends and family about hat you really want for Christmas and/or your next birthday! Another good piece of advice is this: it is not wise to have an expensive sound system in an old, beat up car. It makes you too tempting a target for thieves.


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