It looks like you are one of those people that is “car crazy” and also enjoys modifying your sound system yourself. This new craze/pastime is called “modding”. There are so many car enthusiasts who find the most pleasure in taking a junky, out-of-date radio and car and turning them both into a showpiece. For them, this is the same as buying a blank piece of canvas and turning it into a masterpiece; the only difference here is that we are talking about their vehicle. You can do the very same thing with your old sound system.


There are all sorts of neat little gadgets and components that you ‘light up you life’ while you drive down the road to wherever you are going. You will be both seen and heard and might also create an awesome and lasting impression. You might even have a few people trying to mimic you. This might please you or it might annoy you.


Looking in any electronics section will tell you that you have a lot to choose from when it comes to sound systems. Many of these are plain and very simple. Someone who is a “modding” genius can take this very simple sound system and turn it into something altogether different by mixing and matching components, thus creating a dynamic new sound system.


For a true modifying expert, no challenge is too great. There is no limit to what you can modify if you know what you are doing and have the creative drive. What really gets most modder’s hearts beating faster is all the possibilities and maybe all those blinking lights. Have you ever sat down and thought about all the possible combinations you could come up with? No…well, I have and it is absolutely amazing!


If you are going to rebuild and customize your car, then why not take it one step further and make that plain old sound system into a kickin’ sound system? You will find a dizzying array of gadgets and components that will make that sound system one that pumps up your music and might ever make you the envy of the neighborhood. Car crazy people are all over the place and can always be seen working on their cars and their sound systems, turning something that was very plain into some amazing creations by creatively using light, color and sound in some very interesting combinations.


Although you might not have though of doing any modifications to your existing sound system, it is easy to see that you are really thinking about it now. Any serious modder can really amaze even themselves with the dizzying array of component combinations that they can come up with as well as the dynamic new sound systems that they will be creating. Adding a lot of lights and sound effects and a few bells and whistles will really make that plain Jane sound system come alive!


Try it and see what I mean. Watch TV shows like “Car Crazy” or “Unique Whips” to get some ideas as to what is possible, then see what you can come up with on your own. Chances are, you can come up with an absolutely dynamite car and sound system once you really put your mind to it. It helps if someone decides to ‘throw down the gauntlet’ and really challenges you to come up with something that is better than what you already have. That kind of challenge has often led to the most amazing discoveries, inventions and creations the mankind has ever seen!

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