What, you say that you do not know anything about the iPod or do not even know what it is? Well, then, keep reading! The iPod was created and is offered by Apple to download your music from your computer and store it in this amazing little device. Apple seems to have sent the entire PC industry into a tailspin when it introduced the iPod; so much so that not even Microsoft’s newest invention, the Zune, can keep up. Its wild success had defied explanation, though a great deal of that might be because there are so many different accessories that are available for the iPod. The array of accessories available will make your head spin and can give you a monster of a headache if you are not used to them. If you are technologically or computer illiterate, then these little devices will either have you throwing your hands up in exasperation or the technological advances will send you to you local electronics store or library to find out what all the buzz it about.


I can see that your next question is “What in the world does all of that have to do with auto sound systems?” Well, the answer is simple: you can buy the accessories that make it very easy to plug your little iPod into that sound system in your vehicle and take your music everywhere you go! If you are saying “No way, I have not heard of anything like that!” then you need to ‘listen up’ (the pun is intentional)! Apple does indeed make adapters and accessories for iPod that allow you to enjoy the freedom of the road without having to take your eyes off of it to find the song that you want. These will keep you from having to risk your life, or anyone else’s. I can tell you that Alpine and Pioneer, the stereo makers, are currently making auto sound systems specifically with iPod compatibility in mind. IPod is not a fad that will disappear tomorrow, it is here to stay.


You can also find the following: iPets, iPod covers, iDogs, iPod docking stations that have speakers attached (so you can do not need the headphones), iBaby strollers (made by Kolcraft that has the iPod, adapter and speakers built in so your precious baby can listen to his/her favorite tunes while out and about), iCrib (another baby-centered item designed to lull these precious little ones to sleep) or the iPod-compatible alarm clock. Sometimes it seems like the accessories are all the rage and iPod leads the pack among MP3 devices.


It looks like you have an iPod and have decided that it is time to upgrade your vehicle’s sound system to one that is compatible with or specifically designed for that iPod. The next thing that you need to do is a little research into iPod compatible sound systems to find the system that fits your particular needs as well as your budget. Since iPod has the broadest buyer/owner base of all of the MP3 players, this gives iPod owners options and buying power that is unparalleled in the world of electronics in general and iPods specifically. You might as well get used to the iPod, MP3s and all of its comparable devices (such as the aforementioned Zune) because they are here to stay.


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