If you are a fan of slot cars, Artin will be a familiar name to you without doubt. They are pioneers in keeping up with the originality of the slot car industry and have been since they first formed. The headquarters of Artin is situated in Bangkok and their focus is on manufacturing and marketing electronic toys. Artin slot cars are given the prime place in their manufacturing process, not just because they produce awesome cars, but also because many automobile lovers are taking up slot car racing as a hobby.


Artin has a strong, highly qualified team of electronic engineers who put together these amazing toy cars and their products include road racing models, radio controls and other related accessories. They are popular for their amazing 1:48 and 1:32 products that create a revolution in slot car racing. Even though initially slot car racing was only popular in the US, England and Australia, Artin has taken the initiative to introduce it to many nations around the world. Hence, today, Artin slot cars are taken very seriously by both die-hard slot car racers and electronic device enthusiasts.


The Artin slot car factory moved to Dongguan, China in the late eighties and today, over 2500 workers strive towards a common objective at their high-tech plant. What is noteworthy about Artin slot cars is the fact that they are not as sophisticated as the top manufacturers, yet offer equal speed for a much lower price. In fact, a fine Artin slot car can complete side by side with a Fly Car Model or Ninco.


Most of the Artin slot car models are powered by the traditional can motors and are usually configured as inline chassis. An inline chassis is a car in which the motor shaft runs down the chassis perpendicular to the rear axel. They are also referred to as longitudinally mounted motors and were invented by the slot car craftsmen of the 1950's. Even though this traditional inline chassis causes Artin slot cars to limit their performance, slot car enthusiast find this fact both challenging and original. In simple, Artin strives to preserve the originality of the slot car business, while keeping their designs interesting.


Artin slot car tracks are both easy to fix and durable. Most their tracks are 1:32 in scale and can be extended up to 6 lanes. Their primary HO 1:32 and 1:64 tracks are both equally popular. They contain smooth tracks and appropriate borders that make the entire race worth while. In Germany, Artin slot cars are sold under the name Racy. The lesser complicated varieties of Artin slot cars come with simpler systems that makes setting up the track a matter of a few minutes even if for a kid.


The mark of Artin slot cars is simplicity, ease and originality. Hence forth, if you are looking for serious slot car racing, Artin is the manufacturer for you.