Do you like watching car racing? Why not get your own car and join in the fun? You don't need to spend hundred thousand bucks for a racing car. Go to the nearest commercial slot car track and you can race your heart out. Well, at the very least, your car can race for you.


Commercial slot car tracks are actually not such a new concept. Many countries in the world now have such tracks and many people get involved in this activity. People living in countries like Japan too got fond of the idea and commercial slot car tracks became a bit of a trend around the world during the sixties. With all the new computer games available, some kids don't seem to have much interest in fun activities like these anymore. Sadly, they don't seem to know what they're missing out on.


In the good old days commercial slot car tracks could found anywhere in the country. Now there may not be as much but still you can find these tracks for sale on the internet. There are separate ones made specifically for homes. However, commercial slot car tracks are probably much more fun than the smaller tracks.


Those unfortunate people who never had the benefit of getting to know slot cars could do with a little lesson on the subject. These cars are quite like little toy cars which are made to run on tracks. Some may think that it's only good for children but many older people used to gather around commercial slot car tracks when they were at the height of their popularity.


If you are a big slot car enthusiast who doesn't have a track, get on the internet and do your homework. You will find that there are still firms that make handmade home and commercial slot car tracks. The charges would vary depending on the type, quality and sophistication of the track that you have in mind.


Those who think that it is easy to race slot cars should first give it a try. It takes experience and skill to race on commercial slot car tracks. Some tracks are made quite realistically and it's not easy to get the turns right. You can add buildings, trees or whatever you like if you want a bit of scenery. Introduction of digital commercial car tracks took things to a whole new level, making it possible change lanes at certain points.


If you are grinning thinking about little toy cars slowly going around a few obstacles, you certainly don't know anything about commercial slot car tracks. Some tracks would allow slot cars to race up to 60 mph! There are even faster tracks out there. You just have to put some effort in order to find it.


Competitions are held on some commercial slot car tracks. If you want to find out whether you're the best go out there and join them!