Slot car racing has been a recreation of its own for a long time. There have been various types of slot car racing mimicking the actual races such as formula one and rallying. The slot cars are designed specific to the type of slot car racing. The detailing of the chassis, too, is done accordingly. In terms of performance, slot car racing enthusiasts tweak their cars to optimize performance depending on the type of race involved. For instance, in formula one slot racing, the cars will require more speed, hence a more powerful motor. For rallying, on the other hand, the cars will require better grip for smoother maneuvering. The car is given more down force by attaching a magnet to the bottom, which keeps the car on the track even when making turns at high speeds. For ordinary street racing, less down force is preferred so that the cars can duplicate a drifting effect, with their tails out, when making hard turns.


A recent type of slot racing that has become popular is drag slot racing. As the name implies, this type of racing uses straight track, instead of the usual track with many turns. Since it is a straight, the track usually tends to be quite long. Similar to actual drag racing, the tracks are in standard denominations. Drag slot cars are specially designed to suit the needs of slot drag racing. Like actual drag racing, drag slot cars need to reach the highest speed possible in the shortest time. To do this, racers make many major adjustments to their cars, or simply build cars from scratch.


To build a good drag slot car with excellent performance, the car is first going to need a large motor. When getting a motor for the car, it is important to take into consideration the voltage produce by the slot on the track. The motor will need to use the same voltage, yet produce more acceleration. Therefore, the balance between size and power should be carefully maintained. The next important factor is the wheels. In a drag slot car, the grip produced by the rear tires should be maximized. A good option to achieve this is to increase the size of the tires used and to use pure rubber wheels. The big rear tires not only give the drag slot car better grip on the track, it also gives the car the appearance of a real dragster. Finally, to top it off, the drag slot car can be covered with a chassis resembling that of a dragster. The chassis could be made out of ordinary materials around the house, or it custom drag slot car chassis can be bought. The custom built chassis tend to be better since they have been optimized for drag slot racing.