Slot car racing is one of the great American pastimes. All through the years it has never waned in popularity despite whatever obstacles this fantastic hobby came up against. But now with Nascar making worldwide headlines and Nascar popularity reaching stratospheric levels nascar slot car racing is now the in thing in hobby racing. While nascar slot car racing is still for all intents and purposes a fun hobby, nascar slot car racing is in fact at the level of a sport which is enjoyed by children and adults alike. This popularity of nascar slot car racing has only increased because the cars you use are exact models of the real nascar driver's cars making nascar slot car racing the ultimate in hero worship. These nascar slot cars are the same ones you find on the real nascar track only smaller.


In these days of high speed internet getting your very own nascar slot car is almost too easy. No more waiting for days by the mailbox like our fathers used to do. You just order your favorite nascar slot car online and it gets shipped to you almost instantly. every nascar slot car comes with its own electric motor to run on the slot car race tracks.


There are special slot car track used with nascar slot car racing. These tracks are flat with a groove running down the middle of the track .This groove or slot is where the power for the nascar slot car comes from. The metal strips on either side of the groove transmit electricity to the nascar slot car. The nascar slot car has a connector that fits into that groove and receives the power as the track transmits it. Kind of like those electric trains only a nascar slot car is much much smaller. Once the nascar slot car get s the power its motor starts to turn, the wheels start turning and there goes the nascar slot car at breakneck speeds. The driver of the nascar slot car does have a controller with him. This only controls the speed by controlling the power of the motor but this is vitally important when racing a nascar slot car. Because given the nature of the turns and bends it is all too easy for a nascar slot car to fly off the track if it enters a bend too fast. It is an automatic disqualification if a nascar slot car leaves the track during a competition.


Nascar slot car competitions are a very big deal now with international competitions making a big impact on the nascar slot car scene now as well. People from all over the world have embraced the beauty and majesty of the nascar slot car race.