Fly slot cars were a concept spawned by the former Spanish racer, Rafael Barrios. Fly slot cars were first sent into production in 1996. Fly slot cars have earned a name for the level of details the model cars have to its real-life counterparts. The production line features the best racing cars that stormed the tracks in seventies and eighties as well as modern car models such as Marcos LM600, BMW M3, and the Lister Storm.


Fly slot cars, basically due to the availability of special edition models in their line usually find their place on car collectors' shelves than racing circuits. Creators of fly slot cars offer an attractive line of super trucks in addition to classic car models. These are put on sale under the brand name GB Track, which also is a subsidiary of Fly. GB Tracks also hosted an enticing line of racing cars with sleek designs, lightweight body and highly performing Fly Racing motor.


1/32 analog fly slot cars have the widest collection to choose from to fit to any hobbyist's racing track or display shelf with over 80 distinct models. Ferrari series has around 10 different models of racing cars. Audi series presents Audi Quattro A2 - Safari Rally 1984, priced at 58.99 USD. BMW series showcases seven distinct models of fly slot cars with prices ranging from 69.99 USD to 89.99 USD. In Formula-1 series Fly showcases an exotic set of cars featuring Lady Racers 01 - March 761 also known as "Lella Lombardi", March 761 - GP Belgium 1977, F1 Williams FW07 GP 1979 series, and Panoz LMP1 - 24 H Le Mans 1999. These state-of-the-art, race track savvy models are sold in the price range of 92.99 USD and 64.99 USD. The classic fly slot cars: Lister Storm - Albacete 2001 and Le Mans 1995, a Lister Storm special edition, "Burn and Lola T70 Targa Florio 1969 are priced at 49.95 USD to 79.99 USD. Porsche series of fly slot cars houses an amazing twenty four different products at competitive market prices. Venturi series presents two models of top rated racing cars.


The fly slot cars collector sets offered are truly an amazing line, featuring models of BMW M3, Porsche, Playboy series and Audi Quattro. These collector sets come bundled with car models detailed to perfection and other accessories like DVDs, CDs and catalogs.


Fly offers more than just top notch racing cars. 1/32 chassis/bodies, fly magnets, fly wheels and axles, gears, motors and tires comprises the list of fly slot cars spare parts. Fly manufacturer also pay plenty of attention to car racing circuits as well. Their product line features accessories like 3-pit lanes and fly pit lane A to add more detail to the racing track.