Racing slot cars could be mainly considered as a hobby with a history beyond forty years. It started in America and was even known as a sport around the sixties. The hobby of racing slot cars died in the seventies and was revived again in the nineties.


A slot car is a miniature vehicle which is controlled by a slot in the track that it runs on. A pin extending from the bottom of the slot car connects the car to the track. Slot cars are regulated by the use of a hand held remote controller.


Even though some enthusiasts build their own slot cars and fancy mechanisms for racing slot cars, the majority race with commercially available cars.


One twenty-fourth (1:24), One thirty-second (1:32) and HO size are the commonly available scales of slot cars. Slot cars of HO scale vary in size.


Not all slot car enthusiasts purchase slot cars for racing. Some enthusiasts purchase slot cars as a collectors item while some others use it for modeling purposes.


There are many slot car models available in the market such as Lancia LC2, Porsche Carrera 6, Hummer, Lamborghini, Mitsubishi Pajero, Renault Clio..etc. Even though there is a big variety of models, the quality of these slot cars are similarly of high standards.


The most common and popular method of racing slot cars is to race on individual lanes. However digital technology has ventured into racing slot cars on a shared lane in the track.


Racing slot cars is a popular entertainment at casual get-togethers in which available tracks are used. On the other hand racing slot cars is considered as a serious competition which also is taken to national championship levels. Contestants even go into the length of building and modifying their own cars for better performance at the national championships.


Racing slot cars can be mastered mainly by practicing, and a few handy hints. It is very important that the driver always stays on the track. Concentration is needed but a good pace should also be maintained. The driver should also make use of the straight sections by accelerating. Having said all this since it is a competition the driver should take a certain number of risks but should avoid too many.


Racing slot cars require a great deal of preparation. The car should be checked and should be in perfect condition for racing.Some of the checks that should be carried out are whether the front wheels of the car are rotating perfectly? Are the tires rounded and the brushes cleaned?


Racing slot cars is a psychological activity. The driver with the best technique, the best tactics and most of all the best nerves will emerge as the champion.