So you are a car racing enthusiast and love collecting all types of cars and vehicles , be it in the form of pictures or in miniature form. If you have been collecting cars for years, you probably know how much they costs and how hard it is to find certain models, especially if it is vintage. If you enjoy car racing then you probably prefer collecting ho slot cars over various other types of racing cars! Whether you do have a few ho slot cars already, or are looking to buy new ones, you would know that all other parts and accessories that come with it are also as important or even more important that the ho slot cars themselves. One such part is the slot car track.


Although you may have already received a basic track set with your ho slot car racing set, you probably want to have tracks that are more complex and challenging in order to give you a more real experience of car racing. If this is the case, you would definitely have to get bigger tracks. You could easily purchase these tracks from ho slot car dealers across the country.


The first thing you would need to look into, before you get your slot car track, is the landscaping for the tracks. To make it look as realistic as possible, you would need to have trees and foliage but not in such a way as to allow it to block the way of the slot car. In addition to this, you would also need a good , sturdy track table which would hold your slot car track well.


You do not have to always purchase a slot care track that is ready-made. Several slot car distributors also design and make different types slot car tracks based on the needs and requirements of their customers. You would in this case have to have a clear idea of what kind of track you want in order to convey and explain the design on the slot car track to the designer. They would then be able to bring your dream slot car track into reality.


You can then move on to deciding how many lanes you wish to have for your slot car track. It could range from one-lane car track to something more complex with four lanes. If you wish to have an under or over pass, you can even include this in your layout and designs. Remember however that these would cost more than simply having a flat single-lane track.


Always compare prices with different designers before you decide on where to get you slot car track done, to ensure that it's exactly what you want.