Slot car sets are the craze of any automobile lover. Whether it is a Scalextric, Ninco, Artin, Fly, Fleischmann or Jouef, slot car sets are a part of every car-lover's world. What we can learn about slot car sets is almost boundless. From the history to the present developments, the slot car set manufacturing standards and scales to popular brands plus slot car set costs, there are innumerable numbers of things we can learn about this satisfying hobby.


The first slot car sets were manufactured by the American Lionel, in 1912. However, until the mid 1930's, slot cars were not given the Paten. Never the less, these gained massive popularity in a relatively short period of time and by the end of the 1930's, thousands of hobbyists were racing against one another with their slot car sets. Most of these slot car sets were 1:16 and 1:18 scales. Today, the slot car industry has reached its apex and popular manufacturers produce cars of 1:24, 1:32 and even 1:64 scales. The route to such immense success and popularity of slot car sets is indeed vivid and any slot car lover must have knowledge on at least bits of this eventful history if he/she wishes to make the best out of their hobby.


In 1962, AMT's Turnpike system in the United Sates introduced a process of utilizing multiple electronic pickups so that the driver could control the steering of the miniature cars. Then the German Arnold Minimobil system enabled cars to run without crashing, because the cars of the same lane moved at equal speeds, whereas those in different lanes moved at varying speed. Then, in 1970, three US based companies, Aurora, Lionel and Ideal came up with the slot-less system which allowed drivers to pass each other even if they were on the same lane. Since then, slot-less and slot car sets have advanced in many different ways.


There are basically two different types of slot car set tracks in the market today. Those are routed tracks and plastic tracks. Routed tracks have guide slots with grooves and are made of few sheets of plain metal. These are cut using a router or CNC machining system. Plastic slot cars set tracks are the most commonly used and they come in simple and easy designs. However, there are some problems related to slot car set tracks made of plastic such as the fact that they cause voltages to drop sometimes.


It is also important that a slot car hobbyist becomes aware of the brands he can choose from. Renowned brands will ensure that you get the authentic products with high levels of performance. By doing some thorough research online, you are very much likely to land on an awesome slot car set that will make you want to keep competing.