A slot car is a miniature model of an actual car, designed with particular dimensions which are guided by a slot in the track on which it runs. In simple terms slot cars are models of actual automobiles. Some enthusiasts' custom make their own model of a slot car from scratch, creating their own unique bodies from various parts and materials.


With the development of slot cars, slot car racing also became an American phenomenon. Slot car racing requires a track made out of plastic or any other material. Generally slot car tracks are made available in relevant clubs while some enthusiasts maintain slot car tracks in their own homes.


Slot car racing uses a hand held regulator to control the car. Traditionally slot cars were raced on separate lanes. But today technology has made possible the technique of changing or sharing lanes making the racing experience more realistic. The most challenging part of slot car racing is perfecting the technique of taking curves and overcoming other obstacles at high speed without losing its grip and spinning out of control.


Slot cars are of three common scales: 1 24 slot cars, 1 32 slot cars and OH sized slot cars. Among which 1 24 slot cars are the largest and the most commonly raced. 1 24 slot cars are those which are built on a scale so that 1 unit of the slot car equals to 24 units of the actual car. 1 24 slot cars will either be made out of thin light vacuum-formed polycarbonate plastic or hard plastic. 1 24 slot cars which are made out of light plastic are further divided into Scale and Wing versions. Scale versions bear close resemblance to the original automobile while the wing version is known to be less like the original counterpart.


Since the scale of 1 24 slot cars is relatively large, they require a fairly large track or a course to be raced on. Therefore generally 1 24 slot cars are raced at commercial or club tracks. But today slot car producers have made arrangements to build tracks and accessories which are compatible to fit into homes.


1 24 slot cars are usually raced on tracks with 6-8 lanes. 1 24 slot cars which are raced at national level championships such as USRA are backed by original American Raceways (AMF) commercial tracks or variations which are made out of the original blueprint. Such tracks generally have an expo or polymer painter surface with recessed braided electrical contacts. The Blue King is one such track which is identified to be the most famous type to race 1 24 slot cars.


The slot car phenomenon is gaining more and more popularity each year. As a result a great number of slot car producers have made available a wide range of options in terms of slot cars, slot car racing tracks and other accessories in order to offer enthusiasts a realistic experience.