Carrera slot cars have been around as long as fifty years and they are still in demand. Carrera is a slot car brand which came about in 1960s and dominated the German markets. The reason for its popularity was innovation. With the help of innovative technology Carrera slot cars created a strong brand name over other brands in the market. Carrera slot cars are more than just a toy. Slot car racing is not only for kids it's even for big time racers too.


The latest from Carrera Slot cars are the Carrera Digital 124 and 132.These racing cars are very similar to the racing cars in reality. Hence will be a challenge to the users. The Control Unit of Carrera slot cars has the capacity to perform the following functions; Brake performance, tank capacity, pace car functions, Startlight, Position Tower, Driver Display. The carrera slot cars 143 digital sets are compatible to the Carrera Go! Furthermore it also has a digital racetrack system. This racetrack system can allow up to three cars in one lane at the same time.


Carrera slot cars are a perfect gift for your kids as this will help them to be creative and can be considered as a learning toy. Since carrera slot cars are miniature in size, they can be used to teach kids. Slot cars are very helpful when it comes to teaching physics or science. In this way they will understand the concepts of acceleration, velocity and force better. They can also be used to teach mathematics. Since these are racing cars and you could ask your children to keep a track of time.


Although initially Carrera Company only sold Carrera slot cars, now you will find various brands such as Ferrari, Porsche, Audi, BMW, Bentley and Nintendo being sold under them. If you are a beginner you need to purchase a slot car track set. You will find everything in it from power pack to the slot cars. These are affordable but if you wish to go for extra features that's totally up to you. However it could cost you a bit more than the standard pack. In your beginners set you will three types of carrera slot cars; 1:24, 1:32 and HO Slot cars. Usually HO slot cars are bigger than the standard ones and will require a bigger track.


You will be able to purchase Carrera slot cars in any gaming websites or from any online stores. These slot cars will cost you about $30 to $500 based on the model. You will also be able to purchase carrera slot cars cheaper if its second hand. Make sure that it's worth the money. You will also find some good deals online check them out too. Carrera slot cars have come a long way in history of racing cars and today it's considered to be the most luxurious gaming car.