Ninco Company feeds the passion of many toy car racing lovers young and old alike. Ninco Dessaroll is located in Barcelona, Spain and is the number one manufacturer in slot cars and car racing sets. Ninco's market base spans across 30 countries. The company's first toy racing car project was initiated in 1993, which was to build a scaled version of Renault Clio 16V. Following the tremendous success of Renault Clio 16V, Ninco set about in producing race tracks in 1997. Ninco race tracks have earned exceptional recommendations owing to its ease of use, design and performance.


The impressive ninco slot cars production line has won the hearts of racing hobbyists all over the world. Ninco slot cars fall into three categories: 1/32 analogue, 1/32 digital, and 1:28 cars. In addition to ninco slot cars, ninco also produces race circuits, kit sections, spare parts in various scales and accessories.


1/32 analog ninco slot cars production line has 29 different models of racing cars scaled down to 1/32 in size. Audi R8 GT3 ACM, is priced at approximately 56 USD. Bowler Nemesis series has three car models with slight alterations; namely Dakar Lightening, Dakar Coronel and Nac Racing. These three types are all four-wheel driven cars and run on both analog and digital power. Similarly, Chevrolet series has three distinct models of slot cars. Corvette Soft Top - PanAmericana model has a unique design among analog ninco slot cars. Ford model in ninco slot cars presents four distinct models; two Mustang models and two Matech/Dubai models. Lamborghini range, Mitsubishi Pajero and Lotus Exige series showcase three models a piece. The most successful car among ninco slot cars is McLarenF1 GTR. Minardi Ford N20 and N21 are Formula-1 racing type cars. Porsche and Renault Megane each have two models of ninco slot cars. All these cars fall in the price range of 36 USD to 66 USD.


1/32 digital ninco slot cars production line features 8 models. These cars are digitally operated and fall into a price range of 52 USD to 64 USD approximately. Chevrolet and Lamborghini models have one design a piece while Ford Mustang, Lexus, Porsche models each has two designs.


In addition to racing cars, Ninco also manufactures state-of-the-art racing tracks. Circuits belonging to many specifications are being sold at prices in the range of 132 USD to 525.50 USD. American speedway, four-lane track, Pro-AM Tour circuit are some of the products in the line. Circuits can be enhanced and given a touch of sophistication by the hobbyist himself with track add-ons like inner curves, outer curves that also come with different textures such as snow, off road and regular. These add-ons are also available from Ninco at attractive prices.