Slot car raceway is perfect for those who are hardcore racers, who want to have a racing team of their own. Unlike ''real team'' which requires you to invest in huge sums of money, slot car raceway only requires a small investment. You could create your own racing model team as well as the driver. Model racing is just like the real racing! There's every reason for your adrenaline to rush.


The slot car runway can accommodate little cars which can whizz through in about four seconds within a speed limit of 100mph.Slot car raceway is a passion and a hobby for many and worth the investment. You do need to invest in a proper slot car raceway which comes with the right tyres, brakes, controller, motor, gears and body. The crucial point that one needs to be aware of is the ability to control and brake in at the turns and then spend on.


Slot car raceway is a perfect gift for your kids or even your friends. For kids this proves to be more than just a toy, they can learn a lot from it. You could even turn a gaming hobby to be an activity where kids will learn. Many countries hold slot car racing competitions where the slot car raceway extends to a longer size. However the cost of purchasing slot car raceway can be a bit expensive. You could check out for some great deals online or even can purchase it second hand.


The common type of slot cars is controlled by a single button which can control the speed of the card depending on how hard you press. The main objective is to get around the track in a fast repetitive manner without getting knocked off.


The latest slot car raceway available is called the Realistic Digital Slot Car Raceway. In this you have to do more than just pressing the button and driving it repeatedly. In this latest slot car raceway you need to be aware of your fuel consumption as well as brakes and also adhere to the slot car raceway rules. If the slot car is full of fuel, the car will drive bit slower due to extra weight. If you disregard the slot car raceway rules, you will be given a penalty.


This slot car raceway comes with 3 x 1:32 slot cars as well as a 20 feet track which comes with banked bends and 3 lane switch areas. This is definitely worth purchasing and will be much more challenging than the other typical slot car raceway. The price range is set within $400.00 - $499.95. As mentioned above you could purchase slot car raceway second hand if you do not want to exceed your budget. However make sure of the quality of the slot car raceway before purchasing.