Monogram slot cars are in fact one of the best brands of slot cars that were ever made. These monogram slot cars which were originally made in the nineteen six ties are still regarded as premium super quality slot car racers even by today's slot car racing fanatics. Finding monogram slot cars would be like finding the holy grail of slot car racing. Monogram slot cars were all the rage back then. The company built models of military installations and other large scale contract work. But the true industry that brought them closer to people's hearts was this, the monogram slot cars.


Monogram slot cars had very highly detailed and body styles and an amazing array of chassis shapes were available for the monogram slot cars. Since monogram was first and foremost a model company it was not difficult at all to for them to get the details accurate and well made. Monogram slot cars were even sold as hobby kits. With each kit for monogram slot cars coming with as many as eighty two individual parts for the modelers and enthusiasts to assemble into fully realized monogram slot cars. These monogram slot cars were extremely well detailed and had a highly complex body and chassis system. Race winning monogram slot cars were never just about adrenaline and speed; the assembly required some brain power as well.


Monogram slot cars were very beautiful. monogram slot cars 1:24 36D Powered Ferrari 275p and rear engine 1:24 Scarab were some of the best selling slot cars of their time and today are a prize find for anyone's lucky enough to come across these monogram slot cars. Even rarer and more valuable monogram slot cars are the RTR "Thingie" slot cars like the futuristic Monogram Vampire and Monogram Snake. Monogram slot cars were also backed by a very reliable support system of parts and accessories under the Tiger brand. Monogram was quick to identify the potential of the enthusiasts that were gathering to race their cars so what they did was give them all the support they could through the tiger brand. The tiger brand for the monogram slot cars had everything you needed as spare parts. Monogram slot cars parts ranged from machined aluminum wheels with better rubber tires to more powerful motors such as the Tiger 100 and Tiger 200 can motors and completely new frames and chassis in brass and aluminum.


Monogram slot cars had a very good design beneath its shell. These monogram slot cars came with a fixed wheelbase but unlike competitors like Cox or Revel the monogram slot cars make use of a swing arm for use by the guide flag. This creates more power by better connectivity to the track rails.