Many diehard car racing fans regret the fact that they are unable to physically take part in races. If you enjoy racing you can do so without putting yourself in any danger, if you take part in slot car races.


Some people might think that playing car racing games would take you closer to the actual world of racing. However, some of those who have taken part in slot car races could tell you that the two experiences are quite different. Driving a 'virtual' car and having the control of an actual small car is not the same thing. You should take part in a slot car race in order to get this experience.


How do you take part in such a race? Commercial tracks can be found in many places and home slot car tracks can be bought off the internet. You could even order a custom made track of your own. Many people took part in slot car races during the sixties. The popularity of these car races weren't limited to the country. Even in countries like Australia and Canada these races were quite popular. You don't have to be a kid to take part in a slot car race, though many kids would love to take part in such a race. Many adults too love these types of races.


Some of these slot cars could cost you around $150! However, there are others that can be bought for around $25. However, if you want to become good at slot car racing, you would have to do much more than just buy an expensive slot car. You need to gain experience in order to control the car. After the introduction of digital tracks these races have become more competitive than ever before.


First of all, before trying to become a pro at racing, get a good idea of slot cars. There are those of different scales. 1:32, HO and 1:24 are some such scales. Some of these cars like 1:24 cars could be used most effectively in slot car races conducted on commercial tracks while others could be best suited for home tracks. Think of your requirements before making your choice.


Different types of tracks and formats are used for this purpose. If you want a short and fast slot car race a round robin one could suit you. Don't think that these cars are slow, funny little toy cars. Some of the cars can move faster than 50 mph! The speed could depend partly on the nature of track. The tracks can be made as realistic as possible by adding buildings and trees if you want. However, some don't like any such distraction during slot car races and prefer undecorated tracks.


Hobbies can make your life more interesting and could make the boring work hours more bearable. Slot car racing could be the ideal hobby for you.