Everyone wants to buy best brake pads but most of you do not know which is best for your vehicle. Various aspects of the brakes should not be overlooked because you have to keep them serviced and inspected periodically. When you are servicing your brakes it is advisable to select the best brake pads if your existing brake pads need to be replaced. Always select those that meet the standards and regulations.


If you want to pick the best brake pads for your car, you may look at the FMSI friction level coding. This is a common rating method used in USA for brake pads. You can understand the friction level that range from E to H. The pads that have higher letter grade are considered to be the best brake pads. This will help you to get an overview of the quality and standard of the brake pads.


Usually you can see G or H friction coding in the best brake pads used in the motorcycle industry. They have G grade and would not go higher than that. This does not mean that E or F grade letters are not good. You have to choose these for a particular reason just as a guide to the consumers. If you have E or F grade letter pads fitted to your car and you want to enhance this, then you have to replace it with G rated brake pads. In this case you could be able to feel a slightly stronger brake when you sit on it and apply it for the first time.


Sometimes when you are searching for best brake pads, you may see two brake letters, GF, FF or EE. The first letter indicates the friction level of the brakes at its normal condition and the second letter indicates the effect of the brakes when they are warm. But many of the suppliers are not aware of these grades. Usually they may ask you to see for yourself to determine which one to buy.


If there is no friction grade letter then you may easily understand that they should not be bought because they are untested and ungraded. The quality is doubtful in this case. In order to select the best brake pads, you can ask your supplier to tell you which code the pads carry so that you can compare it with the ones that you have already in your vehicle.