The health of motorcycle brake pads has to be checked periodically because they are very important for the well being of the motorcyclist. But many amateur bikers overlook this feature and do not maintain them properly. Some of the old model bikes have different type of brake on the rear wheel. This is drum brake but majority of them have disc brake up front. You must check what type of brake pads your motorcycle has.


If your motorcycle brake pads are attached to shiny disc that is slightly smaller than the circumference of the wheel then this is the disc brake. This contains many tiny holes. You could see several component of the braking system. The cylinder is found on the right side of the handlebars and near it you can find the small plastic or metal container having the brake fluid. The break lines connect the master cylinder with the braking assembly on the wheels. They are filled with brake fluid. You have caliper where pistons are placed and this is attached to the lines.


The motorcycle brake pads come with the coding of double H. You can choose among the new EPFA Extreme Pro interred brake pads or Kevlar organic brake pads or TT series dual purpose motorcycle brake pads. The brake shoes offered by EBC brakes fit the entire range of motorcycles that come with new brake shoe springs.


Only if you select the right quality of motorcycle brake pads, you can get trouble free operation without brake distortion or brake vibration. The motorcycle brake pads with right brake rotors are better looking manufactured with improved revolutionary technologies and they cost you lesser than the original parts. They are designed to fit original brake rotor and can give you flawless performance.


You should not forget to check the pads periodically and replace them if needed. Not all the brake pads last for longer period. You may check the quality of the pads before you choose them. If you want to install motorcycle brake pads, you have to approach the professional mechanic. Brakes are vital part of your motorcycle because they are responsible for your safety. If you want to install them then you have to buy the installation DVD. This will help you to install motorcycle brake pads on your own. The information is also present in the manufacturer’s handbook. You have to view the motorcycle brake pads installation guide.