The ceramic brake pad is quite popular among the motorists because they give you quiet, long lasting and low dusting performance. They are capable of handling heat better than many of the non-asbestos varieties. They are also kinder to rotors than the semi-metallic ones which cause friction. So, ceramic brake pad is replacing the conventional semi-metallic pads to reduce the problem of brake noise, wear and dusting.


There are some differences between ceramic brake pad and semi metallic ones. The ceramic brake pad contains no steel wool or fibers. Though steel gives strength to the pads and helps to conduct heat away from the rotors, they often make the pads noisy. Steel also works like an abrasive. This will cause excessive rotor wear. When you substitute them with ceramic materials and copper fibers, this can handle high brake temperatures with less heat fade. This helps you in quick recovery and virtually eliminates noise. No more brake squeal and unwanted vibrations.


What makes the ceramic brake pad more attractive is the dust free working. It produces only light color dust due to its ingredients and this is much less noticeable and would not stick to the wheels. You will get a cleaner appearance in your wheels and tires for a longer period of time. The ceramic brake pad is also highly durable when you compare them with the other standard products in the industry. You can get extended brake life when compared to the semi-metallic pads and organic brake pads.


The ceramic brake pad is made from ceramic fibers added to filler materials, bonding agents and copper fibers. They are capable of dissipating heat well because they are ceramic. They are strong even after repeated hard stops. They don’t break down and don’t produce much dust. This is used in high performance cars such as sports cars that are driven hard routinely. Other types of brake pads are just fine for any type of vehicles. But this is considered to be the best of its kind. The main reason is, the extra life and performance would not cost you anything extra.


No need to sacrifice the noise control or pad life or braking performance. You have ceramic brake pad that will outlast all other premium pads. This is assessed through the durability test conducted on the ceramic compounds. However they are not recommended for larger and heavier vehicles. Pick one according to your needs.