Stopping when you want is more important than driving. You need good truck brake pads for your trucks and heavy vehicles. Only if you have good braking system you can maintain your truck in a good condition. You can enhance the power of braking in your vehicle with good brake pads. Anyone can fit this with the basic tools. You can also let the shops to check things and change the truck brake pads. They might charge you around $60 to $70 bucks.


You must not forget to maintain your truck brake pads wherever you go. You can install squealers on every set of truck brake pads. This is fitted to indicate you if the brake needs any maintenance. This is a soft metal wear indicator and when the pads get thin this rubs against the brake rotor to indicate that the time has come for maintaining your brake pads. So when you get the squealing sound you can make an appointment with the shop or test the brakes on your own.


There are some other signs that indicate that your truck brake pads need to be changed. When you feel your truck pulling to one side or the other when you make a stop or feel vibration when stopping or feel that the brake pedal is softer to depress than it normally would be, then you can understand that the time has come for changing your truck brake pads. Usually the grinding sound indicates that the pads are overdue and the rotor is getting damaged due to non-replacement of the pads.


After you understand the need to change your truck brake pads, you have to decide which type to buy. There are steel braking plates that cause friction. When you apply these brakes, the pads are pushed to the drum and heat is generated as the kinetic energy gets converted into thermal energy through friction. The brake rotor and disk stick to each other and stops the vehicle. You can choose from variety of truck brake pads like semi-metallic, non-asbestos organic, low metallic NAO and ceramic types.


You may wonder which truck brake pads are the best among these all. This depends upon the type of car, driving habits, the climate of the place and many other things. Manufacturers offer a range of products to suit various applications but you must be cautious to select the best one for your truck.