The green stuff brake pads are one of the fastest selling brake pads in the market. This automotive brake has sold over three millions sets and has become the number one selling pads. If you want to buy the best brake pads then your choice should be green stuff brake pads. There are three types of green stuff pads each one of them made for specific applications. They are green stuff 2000 series that are ideal for sport compact and hot hatches, green stuff 6000 series that is good for entry level truck and SUV upgrade and green stuff 7000 that is suitable for low dust truck and SUV brakes.


The green stuff brake pads have seen their ninth version of EBC 2000 series. This is widely accepted and appreciated by the car drivers. This has once again pushed the performance barriers of those organic friction materials. The newest model of green stuff brake pads uses deliberately softer compound that improves the feel of the pedal on the lighter cars that run at lower speed. You do not get more dust as this is made of medium dust materials and has good lifetime. The rotor wear is also minimal.


Both the drivers of lighter cars and kit cars make use of green stuff brake pads. This is very successful in race. The tests conducted at the UK MIRA Motor Vehicle Research Institute shows that these brake pads could stop a car almost 20 feet quicker when compared to the original parts on the popular hot hatch braking. This offers a huge 15% brake improvement.


The green stuff brake pads are the first level brake improvement available and could give you up to 15% more power in stopping. The 6000 series is not hard and longer lasting pad. The drivers may find this series less hard and last only for lesser miles on light trucks and SUV. They are designed only to pass the warranty period but they are good as they produce medium dusting and good brake effect.


There 7000 series green stuff brake pads that are slightly harder than 6000 series and are designed to reduce dust. They last longer than the 6000 series. This is a quality pad replacement for truck and SUV. When you are replacing it you have to remember the importance of brake safety and the safety of you and your vehicle. You can refer to the installation DVD before you install your green stuff brake pads.