Brembo brake pads are high quality pads that improve the performance of your braking system. If you expect top performance then you should choose this variety. You must be aware of the dust and noise problems of the brake pads. The Brembo brake pads come with the sports pad friction material. This helps you to get reduced dust and high performance. You can see this improvement especially when it is exposed to elevated temperature cyle.


The Brembo brake pads are made of propriety compound that is made specifically for the Brembo OE. This has the capacity to resist high friction coefficient level and is commonly used for road applications. They are suitable for high temperature ranges. The Brembo brake pads rank high in their braking performance. The quality cannot be compared with other companies. So this name has become a household name of brakes.


When you are searching for Brembo brake pads, you have to consider the parameter of the motorcycle too because special type of pads are manufactured for particular type of motorcycle. The brakes usually produce heat. If the heat is more, then the disc must be capable of resisting it. Brembo brake pads are designed keeping in mind the weight of your vehicle, the usage and the methods of driving. The Gran Turismo system makes them better thanothers.


The Brembo brake pads are Italian manufactured pads that enhance the performance of the stock brake systems. You get higher end technology that is optimized for the streets. Keeping in mind the common brake dust and noise problems, Brembo created the sports pads with FM 1000, which is a designated material for brake pad friction. This material gives you an aggressive high performance with acceptable dust and noise levels and so is considered to be an ideal choice for everyday usage. The Brembo brake pads are favorable for aggressive use. The after it undergoes the high temperature heat cycle the material improves and so this is not affected by the heat produced.


The Brembo brake pads makes use of the proprietary friction material and could sustain high friction coefficient level with a wide temperature range and is much suitable for high performance on-road applications. They come with coding of FG where F indicates the average coefficient of friction is kept in between 0.35 and 0.45 below 200 degree Fahrenheit and G indicates that the average coefficient of friction ranges between 0.45 and 0.55 up to 600 degree Fahrenheit.