The EBC brake pads are one of the important names in the automotive brake parts. They offer high performance braking. EBC manufactures not only the brake pads but also rotors, fluids and discs for a wide variety of vehicles such as cars, SUVs, motorcycles, trucks, carts and bicycles. They are in the field of manufacturing brakes since 1978. There are many of types of EBC brake pads in the industry.


The EBC Ultimate brake pads are made of semi metallic compound and offer an improved coefficient of friction rather than your stock brake pads. At the same time, EBC brake pads offer a quiet, predictable brake feel. You also have green stuff brake pads that are designed for entry level performance. They fit perfectly for commuter vehicles and heavier rides. The vehicles that do double duty autocross sessions need these types of EBC brake pads. You can an excellent brake feel with low dust and minimum noise.


The EBC brake pads have another variety, red stuff brake pads. They are made of ceramic compounds and provide you high coefficient of friction. They are excellent for initial pad bite. They are great for spirited drivers who like to travel fast and enjoy late braking. As this is made of ceramic compound they do not produce much dust and they are more effective than green stuff model.


The yellow stuff EBC brake pads are designed for heavy track use and not good for driving on the street. The amount of friction delivered by these pads is great and so you also get lots of dust with this type of pad. If you buy yellow stuff EBC brake pads, you must buy some wheel cleaner too. The EBC supreme brake pads are especially made for trucks and SUVs and give you better stopping performance without any increase in noise or dust.


All the EBC brake pads are tested to ECE R90 brake safety regulations and are legal equivalent of any original parts. They guarantee both the pad quality and the performance of the vehicle. They are therefore considered to be better than the original parts. The EBC brake pads occupy the market with high percentage of sales. The unique Aramid fibre technology is used in manufacturing brake pads and EBC employs high quality products like Dupont Kevlar and Twaron. So this makes them overtake their competitors who manufacture using cheap steel fibre bases easily.