The front brake pads are the most essential parts of your vehicle. If they are worn out and you want to change them, then you need to buy quality front brake pads so that you can save money. You have to go through the internet to know which one is the best choice for you and which one is easy to install. If they come with installation DVD, you can do the job yourself. You need not take your car to a motor mechanic. In this way you can save few hundred dollars.


Usually all modern vehicles come with two sets of brakes. The two disc braking system in the modern cars includes front brake pads and rear brake pads. As the name indicates the front brake pads are fitted to the front right and front left wheel of the vehicle and the rear brake pads are fitted to the rear right and rear left wheel of the vehicle. If you have to change the front right brake pad then you should also change the front left one to get uniformity. So they are always available as sets.


The front brake pads are responsible for 70% of the stopping power of your vehicle. Therefore it is essential to use quality front brake pads. Though fitting them to your vehicle will be quite easy and straightforward, you can also refer to the DVD to understand its basics. Always pay attention to the quality of the brake pads. Low quality products may lead to serious consequences and so choose the right one for your vehicle. All the brake pads available on the market may not be of the same quality. Some of them may be good and some of them not so good. They may have different friction levels.


The front brake pads are available at different friction and you have to see to it that you do not fit lower friction brake pads to the front of your vehicle when compared to the rear. The friction grades G or GF are preferred. If your car has the rear back pad with E or F coding and you replace your front brake pads with G rated pads, then there is a possibility of your car thrown into a tailspin under heavy braking. Always read the safety regulation to prevent such problems. When you buy the front brake pads for the next time, check it carefully or your own safety will be under risk.