The organic brake pads are also called as non-asbestos organic brake pads. These pads are made from natural materials such as glass and rubber and that is the reason why they are called as organic. Also they are made with resin that is capable of withstanding high heat. This high heat is very helpful to bind the materials of the brake pad together. The brake pads are also used with Kevlar.


There are some advantages of organic brake pads. They are made of special materials and so they do not cause pollution. You can dispose them off easily. They give you noise free operation because they are softer than those pads made of some other materials. There is one negative side of organic brake pads. As they are softer they tend to wear faster when compared to other types. When they wear they also create dust. So it is not advisable to use organic brake pads for heavy vehicles such as trucks. These vehicles have to stop suddenly from high speed and so they are not advisable. If the number of sudden stops is limited, you can use these pads as they will give you safer ride.


The great need for improving the efficiency of the brake pads has led to the production of organic brake pads. Asbestos is used in the organic compounds used for making organic brake pads and this is considered to be a great threat for health. The cars and trucks that operate at broad temperature range need such brake pads that will work at all temperatures. So when you purchase them you must take into consideration noise, life, dusting and temperature range. Ceramic brake pads are widely used these days in lieu of organic brake pads.


The organic brake pads are developed these days to help improve heat resistance. They produce less noise when compared to metallic pads. They are very soft and so the noise causing vibrations are absorbed. The high carbon and graphite contents may create dust. With enhanced technology even these are kept under control. They produce only small amount of light colored dust that will not stick to the wheels.


The organic brake pads though do not last long they do not create wear on brake drums and rotors. The environmentalists support these pads as they are created by organic materials that do not cause pollution or other threats to the environment.