Kevlar brake pads are used instead of semi-metallic brake pads. The semi-metallic ones have many disadvantages such as increase in brake rotor wear, squealing, excessive amount of brake dust. The technicians are fed up of these problems that they thought this problem could be solved only if the brake pads are made with more advanced materials. Kevlar is a man-made fiber.


The Kevlar brake pads are introduced in nineties to overcome the problem of excessive wear and dust. They are made up of Kevlar and steel and this looks like a semi-metallic pad. The higher concentration of Kevlar helps to reduce noise. The dusting levels are also lower. However even this is not free of the problem of wear. When you compare this with the old models you will find them resistance to heat and preventing heat buildup. If the amount of steel contained in Kevlar brake pads are less, they are tend to produce more dust. So they must be in less quantity.


Kevlar is the trademark of the Dupont group. These fibers are used for producing the components of space shuttle, bullet proof dresses and many more superior items. So you can expect the super high matrix strength in the Kevlar brake pads. They have been there for nearly fifteen years in the industry. But the fiber cost is very much higher and so you have to pay high price many times more than what you would spend for common steel brake pads.


Kevlar brake pads are found to have very good performance than the other types. So you can take long drives without worrying about the wear of your brake pads. You can completely rely on them as they give you enhanced performance. They are available for automotive applications also. The Kevlar brake pads fall into the category of organic family of materials. This could be considered as the new generation brake pad. You can reduce the brake rotor abrasion to a great extent as this is a softer and more resilient product. You will be able to experience a more improved brake feel.


Those who require less dust on their automobile wheels and expect lower rotor abrasion will find Kevlar brake pads, their favorite ones. You have different variations of Kevlar brake pads available in the market with varying hardness and wear life. You can find them readily available with the online vendors who sell such components.