The brake pads are the very important components used in your vehicle. They are used to stop the vehicle on the way. When you press the brake the brake pads press against the rotors of the wheels and slow down their speed. During this process the brake pads rub against the rotors and this generates heat and creates friction. So the brake pads tend to wear down over time. You have to check them periodically and change them if necessary. Otherwise the performance of your vehicle would not be at its optimum level.


The different types of brake pads used commonly are semi metallic ones, metallic, low metallic, non asbestos, organic, and ceramic brake pads. The semi metallic brake pads are made up of particular percentage of metal which contains iron powder, steel wool or copper together with other inorganic fillers and friction modifiers. They have excellent heat transfer.


The brake pads made of organic substances like glass, rubber, carbon or Kevlar create less noise and can withstand high temperatures. But they are softer and so wear faster. The low metallic ones are also noisier and create more brake dust. Ceramic is considered to be the ideal material for this kind of applications. They offer cleaner and quieter running without wearing down the rotors.


When you look into the brake pads, you will find the specifications. The ‘wear’ means the rate and consistency of the breaking down of the pads over time. Usually the pads that have longer wear will contain some percentage of ceramic in them and they will be made quite dense. But short wears pads will be comparatively less dense. You have to compare the pad life with the stopping power. Both of them should be good.


Do not be confused of slick packaging or pushy mechanics of the brake pads. Full size pickups need more metal so that you will get additional stopping power and reduced fading of the brake. The organic materials are effective for compact cars not for high performance vehicles.


You can check the online shops as well as physical stores. There are some advantages if you buy from physical stores. You can ask to see and feel the material to know if they are good. But this is not possible if you buy online. But the price would be cheaper in online stores mainly because they do not have the same overhead expenses and staffing requirements.