The OEM brake pads should be considered when you replace your brake pads. You have to get the pads that would perform better than the original in their stopping power, fade resistance, and pedal feel. You also should go for those pads that do not squeal or groan and could operate without noise. If you are looking for pads that would last for a reasonably longer period of time and provide good value for your money, then you must go for OEM brake pads.


Many professional technicians suggest OEM brake pads because these pads could meet all the expected criteria. Many of the motorists look out for best brake pads and do not worry much about their price. They are ready to spend even a few more bucks to get the best brake pad rather than installing standard aftermarket brake pads. But if your truck is old and want to work with a limited budget, then you may have to consider the price also. The economic grade brake pads do not provide longevity of performance as OEM brake pads.


You have to decide whether you need OEM brake pads or ordinary types because if you choose the wrong one, then you can see that this creates noise and wearing problems. Mostly you get noise complaints and they are very much associated with semi-metallic disc brake pads. But this is not necessarily the fault of the brake pads alone. The OEM brake pads are quite noisy and many motorists do not object to this thinking that this is normal. But some would not tolerate any noise from the brakes and will insist on quiet friction material.


The OEM brake pads are made with positive moldings. This type of moldings is quite expensive and so usually the aftermarket brake pad manufacturers would not use this. Some also use titanium shims so that the heat will be transferred from the pad to the air. The Posi Quiet brand owned by Centric makes use of OEM processes. These OEM brake pads make people happy because they could get OEM brakes without paying OEM prices.


The OEM brake pads are made with adopted OEM manufacturing techniques and have their own formulations. The Posi Quiet scorches their brake pads and so the impurities are removed. Also they burnish the surface of the pad so that there is no need for break in period. In all ways, OEM brake pads are considered to be the best.