If you can’t afford brand new motor cycle tires, rather than take the risk of making do with your old pair, your next best option is getting yourself used motorcycle tires. It doesn’t matter what brand of used motorcycle tires you are looking for, most brands including Dunlop, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Michelin, Continental, Metzeler, Avon, Pirelli, Shinko, Cheng Shin, Kenda and Maxxis are available for reasonable prices in the used motorcycle tires market.


When you purchase used motorcycle tires, there are many factors you have to pay attention to. The number one most important aspect is to buy used motorcycle tires from relatively less used motorcycles. Your motorcycle’s only connection to the asphalt is the thin hoop of rubber around the wheel. Make sure that thing hoop of rubber is used well and not worn off when you shop around to purchase used motorcycle tires.


Another cardinal rule when buying used motorcycle tires is that, as a motorcycle owner you should have adequate knowledge about your bike as well as its inner workings, including the tires. It is distressing that many motorcycle owners today know very little about their bikes other than its speed. Most people buy used motorcycle tires based on the appearance or price rather than its performance and durability. If you are purchasing your used motorcycle tire on the internet, shop around and research, and since you physically cannot examine your purchase, place your order through an established trusted website.


It doesn’t matter whether you use street tires, cruiser tires, dirt tires or atv tires, the spine of your tire is called the carcass. The carcass consists of a layer of plies, which are basically synthetic cords overlappin each other. The angle and the strength of these plies establish the tire’s strength, durability as well as its flexibility. So in conclusion, when you are out there looking for used motorcycle tires, make sure you examine the carcass of the tire as well. Another part of the tire that you need to pay attention to when buying used motorcycle tires is the bead of the tire. The bead is the border of the sidewall where the tire seats touching the rim. This provides a pretty airtight fit and it also operates as an anchor to the plies on the carcass. The bead is made up of high tensile steel wires running along the inner edge of your motorcycle tire. As the bead of the tire affects the air pressure of the used motorcycle tire that you are going to purchase, make sure you ask enough questions and check it thoroughly before you make a decision.


Considering only the price and not much about the quality of the used motorcycle tires that you are buying may cost you more than your bike, it might cost you your life!