Whether you own a Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki or a Harley Davidson, you should do your homework before you go out there to buy motorcycle tires for your ride. Your reason to buy motorcycle tires could be many, whether you wore your tires out with your daredevil antics or you logged a thousand miles riding across the country, one way or the other, you will need to buy motorcycle tires for your ride.


The thing you should know when you buy motorcycle tires is that there is no hard and fast rule or formula to tell you which tire or brand will suit you and your motorcycle. It all depends on your usage and circumstances. Most riders don’t pay as much attention to tires as they pay to the engine of the motorcycle or brakes. When in reality, the motorcycle tires play one of the leading roles when you are on the road. The only connection your bike has to the unforgiving road, whether tarmac or dirt road is your motorcycle tire. And investing on a proper set of wheels is an investment you make on your life.


If you think you will be saving money on tires if you buy motorcycle tires online, you better think again. There are many downsides when you buy motorcycle tires online. The main point being that you cannot inspect them physically before buying. Even if you surpass that and you get just what you ordered online, unless you mount the tires by yourself, you will not be making a significant savings if you buy motorcycle tires online. In most cases when you add up the cost of the tire, shipping charges and finally installation charges, you will realize that you have ended up paying more for your purchase.


Another aspect you should be vigilant about when you buy motorcycle tires is the warranty. You will come across two types warranties when you buy motorcycle tires, the store bought warranty and the manufacturer warranty. If you buy motorcycle tires with a store bought warranty, be sure you discuss fine details such as how much tread wear is entitled or whether the warranty is transferable. And if you buy motorcycle tires with manufacturer warranty, make sure you get information on the length of the coverage. And another important aspect to look in to when you buy motorcycle tires with manufacturer warranty is to make sure that the model of motorcycle tires you are buying is included in the warranty scheme, because some manufacturers don’t provide coverage to all makes and models.


Air pressure, mileage, traction and sorting out the best way to plug a blow- out on your motorcycle tire some of the other points to consider when you buy motorcycle tires.