Motorcycle tire ratings determine which if the tires are best when riding a motorbike at high speeds. They help prevent accidents and damage to the motorcycle itself. If you want to find out which tires are best for your motorcycle then you must known the factors affecting motorcycle tire ratings before purchasing tires.


Motorcycle tire ratings systems are created after taking into consideration the load index number, speed index letter and tube or tubeless code. The speed index letter is the maximum speed allowed for the tire without it endangering the rider. Who a motorcycle functions during rough or rainy weather is a main factor that people think about when talking about the motorcycle tire’s features, tread life, and tire size.


Pirelli’s Diablo/Rosso claims to have a few advantages over other tire makes. First off it is said to be the most stable of tires according to motorcycle tire ratings systems and it has both quick acceleration and high speed limits. The Pirelli Diablo/Rosso does not offer you a smooth ride however but compared to motorcycle tire ratings in Motorcycle USA, it would make a good tire in the long run.


The Dunlop Qualifier is made of the jointless band belt design technology allows the Dunlop Qualifier to be able to accelerate quickly and more effectively without causing any hindrance to the handling. Motorcycle tire ratings depend on both these factors so this kind of tire make would be a good idea if you require speed, minus the consequences. According to, the Dunlop Qualifier is made up of three sets of polymers so it ensures maximum grip on the tire in any conditions. However, these tires warm up faster than others.


The Bridgestone Battleax BT 016 has a continuous-strand steel belt makes it extremely stable while also being great at shock absorption. In order to improve handling especially in difficult weather, the tires have S-shaped grooves built into them; this minimizes the risk of skidding and hugs the road at high speeds. Motorcycle USA gives the Bridgestone Battleax a lot of good reviews with regard to their ability to be fine under high temperatures and their durability, especially since it can be used a lot and still maintain the original reliability. The Battleax is rated high in motorcycle tire ratings because of this almost legendary durability. It is deemed both safe and great for long term usage.


Finally there is the Metzeler Sportec M-3/M-1 which is noted for its acceleration, brilliantly reliable traction which handles perfectly in both dry and wet weather. Metzeler Sportec M-3/M-1 is set above other tires in the motorcycle tire ratings because of its durability. Though most motorcycle tires wear out soon, the Metzeler Sportec M-3/M-1 will not fail or lose its original durability according to Motorcycle Daily.