Motorcycle tires online are not always the best way to purchase motorcycle tires because you can’t be certain it’s the best for your motorcycle as you can’t physically feel them.


So how do you shop for motorcycle tires online without accidently spending a lot of money on the wrong tires?


First and foremost, compare tires together with their ratings online. Michelin and other companies have ratings pages on their websites, or you could try resources like Motorcycle USA or the website of Knee Draggers at You must know beforehand which brands are best and which kind of tire goes with which kind of motorcycle. Do it would be advisable to check with your user manual that came with the motorbike when you purchased it, to understand what kind of tires you are supposed to look for when you search for motorcycle tires online. You should check for warranty restrictions, size modifications and safety stipulations.


You should know what kinds of tire styles go best with your motorcycle, and which types you like. Of course the style of the tires is determined by the type of motorcycle you are using. There are three categories that can be loosely described as the main ones. They are sports, racing and touring. For example motorcycle tires online in racing are made for high speeds, touring bikes are for travelling long distances so they need durability and finally, sports bikes require tires capable of great traction.


You must also know the size of your tires. In order to understand that, first measure the width of the tire above the tread from sidewall to sidewall. After you have figured that part out compare the aspect ratios, which is the ratio of width to height. So for example, if a tire is 100mm wide and has a 90% aspect ratio it would be 90mm tall. If it has a 50% aspect ratio and still is 100mm it would be 50mm tall.


You can also tell what kind of tire you require by taking note of the materials that the tires have been made out of. Remember that the softer the composition of the materials used in the tire, the better it is in terms of traction. It makes riding the best and at optimum safety. But the disadvantage of tires with a soft composition is that they wear away quickly. If you want tires for touring bikes which lasts longer and have a good durability then you should go for tires made up of harder materials. You can check the composition of the tires on any of the sites that sell motorcycle tires online. If not, drop them an email and enquire about the materials used in the making of your chosen tires.


Finally, don’t forget the most important of all the comparisons, price. Make sure the amount you are paying for your tires are worth it. That is why purchasing from branded companies such a Michelin or Dunlop is advised. It will benefit both you and your bike in the long run.