Motorcycles come in many shapes and sizes. There are many different type s of motorcycles in use and each is created for a specific purpose or with specific individuals or locations in mind. To make sure that the right type of motorcycle is able to work with the right environment it is built for, you need to select the right kind of tire.


Whether you are seeking for racing tires, off road tires or regular every day tires, you need to make sure that you select the tire in the right if you are to achieve the maximum performance from the bike. Tire sizes for motorcycles are often different at the front and the back. Selecting the wrong type or size of a motorcycle tires has all the potential to end up as a complete wreck that could even result in death.


Motorcycle tires are measured using either the metric or the English, imperial system. Whatever the method you employ, you need to make sure that the exactly correct sized tire is selected for the best results. If you are determined to do this yourself, you need to employ a reliable motorcycle tire size calculator to guarantee your safety and your bike’s longevity. The manual method of calculating tire size has attained the status of obscurity due to the advent of the motorcycle tire size calculator. Most mechanics and motorbike technicians are also using a motorcycle tire size calculator to calculate the right tire for the right bike without the risk of accidents.


If you are looking for a motorcycle tire size calculator, the first and probably best place to start your search is on the internet. You will be able to find a reliable, online motorcycle tire size calculator to calculate the perfect tire for your motorcycle at no additional cost. Usually a motorcycle tire size calculator functions by asking for the model and year of your bike. Then they will probably ask for the current tire size and then provide the correct size for you to make your purchase.


If you are not using an online motorcycle tire size calculator, you have two other options: to go to an experienced mechanic or attempt to do the calculation yourself. The calculation employs simple arithmetic and the consultation of a size chart. You will need to start by taking measurements of your current bike tires and your bike to consult the chart and make your decision. Although the calculation is quite simple, there is a margin of error so make sure to always double check your results. Easier yet is to take your bike to an experienced mechanic and ask him to select the right sized tires. An online motorcycle tire size calculator will provide you a reliable second opinion.