Motorcycle tires come in many shapes, sizes and forms. Unlike other vehicle tires, motorcycle tires have circular cross sections to allow riders to lean on to the tires when taking corners with the bike. Just like the tires, the motorcycles themselves are of many forms.


Off road motorcycles or dirt bikes are a whole different type of bikes that are created to take on any rough terrain without much hassle. Therefore, the off road motorcycle tires also have to be of a certain quality to make sure that the bike does its job. Off road motorcycle tires are designed with mountainous terrains, rocks, mud and cracked ground in mind. In other words off road motorcycle tires are capable of taking on any unpaved rough terrain.


The idea of off road motorcycle tires is to allow a full range of motion even in the roughest most uneven of terrains. Therefore, off road motorcycle tires are much more knobby in comparison to regular motorcycle tires. However these off road motorcycle tires are also incredibly versatile. They will easily adapt to a paved surface as well as a steep mountainside.


Off road motorcycle tires are created with rubber knobs that will dig in to the uneven terrain with the combined weight of the bike and the rider. The idea is to maximize grip to keep the bike from tipping over at the slightest protrusion. The rubber knobs are paired with deep and wide grooves to provide maximum grip with the ground. The grooves and knobs will grip on to rock, soil, dirt and even mud to propel the bike forward without tipping it over.


As mentioned earlier off road motorcycle tires are highly versatile. Just because they are created with dirt, mud and rough terrain in mind that does not mean that they will keep over at the first transition in to an asphalt road. Instead, the grips and grooves of the off road motorcycle tires will work just as effectively on even ground as the roughest rocky mountain slope.


However, there is one specialty with off road motorcycle tires that will make them a bit difficult to handle on even ground. The tires are kept at a low pressure in comparison to regular tires to make the gripping easier. There is also a high chance of the tires coming off the wheel due to this low tire pressure. In order to prevent this from happening off road motorcycle tires are always paired with a device known as a bead lock or rim lock to keep the tire in its rightful place. The bead lock will perform the function of clamping the tire to the wheel and keeping it secure to ensure the safety of the rider.