NASCAR has set up its series of specifications as to what can go into a NASCAR car and how it should work and how it can be customized. It helps to make the car safer and give it power to go in races that can be long and arduous.

A NASCAR car that is featured in the Nextel Cup races are based on general sedan models. The three main parts of a NASCAR car that should be there are the hood, roof and trunk lid. Everything else relating to the NASCAR car will need to be left to the individual teams that work in NASCAR and the Nextel Cup.

NASCAR cars weigh around 3,400 pounds each. A car also has a wheelbase of 110 inches. The fuel in a car for racing will be at a 100 octane level, and a fuel tank will be able to fit twenty two gallons of fuel.

A NASCAR car can achieve a maximum speed of around 200 miles per hour. Carburetors in a NASCAR car are different from what is seen in cars, as it uses an electronic fuel injection system to handle the car. An engine in the car features eight cylinders with 750 horsepower.

There are templates that are used to determine how a NASCAR car in the Nextel Cup can look like. This is needed so that the NASCAR cars will look similar and be able to drive on a more level playing field. The shapes of NASCAR cars is made so that they are aerodynamic, meaning that there will be less friction. With this in mind there will be greater speeds in the cars.

Engine parts in a NASCAR car need to use the right dimensions. All components in an engine will need to be designed to the right dimensions so that engines can take full advantage of strengths and the ability to make cars go fast.

Cylinder head porting is used in NASCAR cars to help make their engines work better. The ports in an engine are reshaped in this process. This helps to make the engine more efficient and more likely to be able to perform at its full level of power, and the level of horsepower will be increased too. Cylinder head ports are needed so that air and fuel can move through the cylinders in the engine.

The last part of a NASCAR car is that of safety devices. These are used to help reduce crash impact and make the driver safer. Roof flaps to reduce lift, seat belts and windshields made of polycarbonate materials are important for a NASCAR car. A fuel tank should also have a plastic inside layer and a hard steel layer on the outside with foam in between the protect it.

There are all parts that go into a NASCAR car. While many see that cars in a Nextel Cup race go fast, there are many different things that go into it to make it that way.